US Army Corp Inventory of Dams Hacked

What would the Chinese want with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers’ International Inventory of Dams (NID)? Speculation – cyberattack on our national electrical power grid. Are the Chinese so stinkin’ rich they would NOT sell the info to al-Qaeda to take the next step after our power is gone?


The Silliest Government Request Ever

The Silliest Government “Opportunity Ever (

Pete Pierce, a spokesperson from the Corps of Engineers, confirmed the attack but did not provide specific details.

“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is aware that access to the National Inventory of Dams (NID), to include sensitive fields of information not generally available to the public, was given to an unauthorized individual in January 2013 who was subsequently determined not to have proper level of access for the information,” Pierce said in a statement to the Washington Free Beacon.

Pierce added that the access was immediately blocked once discovered, and that the NID is looking to bolster security to the database.

There are about 8,100 major dams in the U.S., and the NID has information about all of them, including the number of casualties expected if a dam were to fail.

In addition to causing a major disruption to the national power grid, hackers could access the systems that control a dam’s turbine generators. A computer mistakenly started one in a Russian damn in 2009, killing 75 people and destroying eight of the nine other turbines in the dam. Source: IBD

Below is a list of some of the irresponsible spending, especially 34 instances of green initiatives subsidized or guaranteed by the government. There are Trillions in waste of taxpayer dollars by elected and unelected bureaucrats. We could keep our critical computer systems updated and secure if priorities were considered responsibly. Our Military cyber capabilities are not secure. Shouldn’t that raise a few eyebrows of the powerful but inept?

Look at these companies which as of October 2012 according to Heritage Foundation, were heading for bankruptcy:

Evergreen Solar, $25M

SpectraWatt, $50o,000K

Solyndra, $535M

Nevada Geothermal, $98.5M

SunPower $1.2BILLION

First Solar, $146 BILLION

Babcock and Brown, $178M

EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1, $118.5M

Amonix, $5.9M

Fisker Auto, $529M

Abound Solar, $400M

A123 Solar, $279M

Willard and Kelsey Solar Group, $700,981

Johnson Congrols, $299M

Brightsource, $1..6M

ECOtality, $126.2M

raser Technologies, $33M

Energy Conversion Devices, $13.3M

Mountain Place, Inc., $2M

Olsen’s Crop Service & Acquisition Co., $10M

Range Fuels, $80M

Thompson River Power, $6.5M

Sterling Energy, $7M

Azure Dynamics, $5.4M

GreenVolts, $500K

Vestas, $50M

LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power, $151M

Nordic Windpower, $16M

Navistar, $39M

Statcon, $3M

Konarka Technologies, Inc, $20M

Mascoma Corp, $100M

Talk about some waste: “The earmarks in FY 2012 involve larger amounts of money and include fewer details than in prior years.

$9,500,000 for high energy cost grants.

$810,000 for a guaranteed subsidy…for the private sector, which means the government assumes all risk for it’s part of the transaction.

$44,000,000 for research and university research centers

$114,770,000 for the United Nations democracy Fund (UNDEF)

$5,870,000 for the East-West Center in Hawaii to “promote improved relations among Pacific Nations!

$2,094,000 for the Asia Foundation “committed to developemnt of a peaceful, prosperous, just and open Asia-Pacific region.”

Remember the science of shrimp on the treadmill? How about the fraud and abuse in Medicare/Medicaid? How about the pummeling of taxpayers with monies given to illegals, including terrorists? We CAN keep our Military secrets safe. 

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