Ted Cruz NRA Speech 2013 Video: 3 Facts About Barack Obama and Violent Crime

Senator Ted Cruz addressed a welcoming crowd at the NRA Convention today. He begins immediately with Dianne Feinstein and goes on to prove that she actually isn’t more than a “6th grader,” then gives three facts about Barack Obama and violent crime. Great speech from a Great Statesman from the Senator from the Great State of Texas.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Here’s a snippet:

“We have to do everything we can to save the lives of the innocent among us to stop violent crime. Everyone of us here is a son or daughter, is a brother or sister, is a father or mother. Everyone of us here has been horrified by acts of violence and madness by deranged individuals that would take the lives of the innocents among us, and yet in terms of how you actually stop violent crime, the President is fond of using emotion and unfortunately disregarding the facts.”

“I want to point out to you three facts that President Obama consistently refuses to address:”

“Fact No. 1 – The Obama administration has not made it a priority to prosecute felons and fugitives who attempt to illegally purchase guns. In the year 2010 over 48,000 felons and fugitives tried to illegally buy guns. Out of that 48,000, the Obama Justice Department prosecuted fourty-four. Fourty-four out of 48,000. That’s just not acceptable.”

“Fact No. 2 – Under President Obama gun crime prosecution – prosecuting those use guns in the commission of a crime, has decreased 30 percent. And you know, the President Obama’s hometown of Chicago, which is ravaged by violent crime ranks dead last in prosecuting gun crime.”

“Fact No 3 – President Obama cut over $300M in funding from school safety…”

For the rest of the story, see the video below, and The Lonely Conservative has more in transcript form.

Ted Cruz NRA Speech 2013 (video)
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  • I listened to both Cruz and Sarah’s speeches and boy am I impressed. Could you imagine the both of them on a Presidential ticket?

  • This is a wonderful speech. Thanks for posting it for us. I wish desperately that Ted Cruz were a natural born citizen, but he’s not. He was born in Canada of a Canadian father, which makes him only a citizen. I would love to see him as President, but if we adhere to the Constitution, we mustn’t do such a thing! I’m waiting to see how he handles the situation. It will tell a lot about his character & if he “truly” believes in the Constitution. If he passes the test, HE WOULD MAKE AN OUTSTANDING CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT. I pray that he rises to the challenge. We NEED him on the Supreme Court!

  • Obama is a fraud as far as a natural born citizen, God only knows what BHO is?
    D. Frankenstein is an adolescent alright, using insider trading plus feathering her nest, which is as illegal as hell. What a bunch of criminals running our government!!!
    WHAT A SHAME, they are all JERKS! You go Ted, thanks for saying it like it is.