Steve King: Senate Immigration Plan: Sacrificed the Rule of Law on the Alter of Political Expediency

Guess who is backing the Senate Gang of 8 immigration reform legislation under the name of “Americans for a Conservative Direction?” Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook is the answer. Nothing like trying to co-opt the word ‘conservative.’ You can’t spend 15 minutes on Facebook without seeing comments about Conservative posts or profiles being deleted. There is nothing conservative about Facebook management, and if you read the news, you know there is nothing conservative about Zuckerberg. Oh, he’s behind as well. Sound familiar? See more below. Congressman Steve King says the Senate plan is a “bold amnesty plan” and “not very conservative” despite the rhetoric coming from Democrats and Republicans alike. He has a concise answer for “Americans for a Conservative Direction” and their support of the Senate immigration bill in the video below.”

Steve King

Steve King

Congressman Steve King, partial transcript from the video below:

“I was able to take a look at the bill before it was actually released and started to read down through it. It has a promise of a plan to provide border security on the southern border. It hands it over to Janet Napolitano. Her judgement and discretion on which sections of the border they would focus on and says you should get 90%, stop 90% of those you see on those sections of the border. It’s not as good a promise as what we had in ’86. It’s not as good a promise as we’ve had all along.”

“It’s a 5-year plan and everybody is instantaneously legalized. A background check? You can’t do a background check on people who don’t have a legal existence, even in their home country. All that is, is run through through NCIC (National Crime Information Center) and ISIS System. If they don’t show up in ISIS System, that’s the background check, you must interview people to do a real background check. They are not going to interview 11 – 12 million people. There’s a lot in that that is a pretty outrageous reach. It’s a bold amnesty plan and it’s very conservative.”

“In fact, people who are for this plan, I don’t know how they present themselves as conservatives, because what they’ve really done is, they’ve served up the Rule of Law and decided, we are going to sacrifice this on the alter of political expediency.”

Redstate profiles Americans for a Conservative Direction:

I’d like to introduce you to Americans for a Conservative Direction. It’s got Haley Barbour as the head of it, whose nephew was on the RNC audit committee. He’s joined by Sally Bradshaw of the same RNC Audit Committee. They’ve also got Joel Kaplan of Facebook, Dan Senor whose wife is Campbell Brown formerly of CNN, and Rob Jesmer.

Jesmer, you will recall, headed the National Republican Senatorial Committee and backed Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Trey Greyson, Bob Bennett, and every other terrible squishy moderate to liberal candidate the GOP could field.

And now they want to call themselves “Americans for a Conservative Direction.”

You know how conservative the direction is they want to go?

They’re already bilking their donors for dollars to support . . .

wait for it . . . seriously . . . wait for it . . .

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Yes, Americans for a Conservative Direction are using donor dollars to prop up sweet little Lindsey in South Carolina. And the ad is as poorly produced as a GOP consultant class scam can get. Our Back, they call the ad cheerleading Lindsey. Source: RedState – See the Americans for a Conservative Direction ad for Lindsey Gramnesty here.

Also involved with Zuckerberg’s Americans for a Conservative Direction is (nice huh? “forward”)


When I visited, just this minute, the first thing to greet me was a Zuckerman quote, and is particularly fond of quoting Senator Marco Rubio.

Immigration reform, Rubio says in one of the two ads, “puts in place the toughest enforcement measures in the history of the United States, potentially in the world, and it once and for all deals with the issue of those that are here illegally.”

A narrator urges viewers to stand with Marco Rubio to end de facto amnesty [and] support conservative immigration reform.Source: Politico

Take King’s cautions seriously. The last few days Rubio has been saying there is still work to do. Remember that when ObamaCare passed, the bill wasn’t written. It was a monsterous skeleton, later handed over to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to fill in the details that are devastating this country. Even had we “read the bill to know what’s in it,” as Pelosi suggested, we wouldn’t have known the half of the economic destruction coming our way, as Sebelius has been busy actually writing the law, and she is not a lawmaker. Only Congress can write our laws. The same thing will happen with immigration reform, if we let it.

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  • Order the buses and get them the hell out, and take those 8 SOBs with you.

  • Richard

    Quote Doug Ross: “This bill is utter garbage.” Quote Richard: This bill is a bunch of sh%&, and almost 1,000 pages of it”.

  • This thing has gotten way out oh hand…we all need to stop, take a deep breath, enforce the laws currently on the books and then tell Obama, Holder, Napolitano to go to hell!!! The American people are asleep at the wheel for allowing this to go as far as it is…Is there not a soul in the system to make an arrest? Obama and company break laws every day and nothing is done about it… What’s that saying about good people doing nothing? It appears that Obama knows they will do exactly that…NOTHING !!!

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