Spectacular Video Perhaps of Israel Hitting Jamraya or Nearby – Everyone Yelling Allahu Akhbar

Generally I do not post videos when I can’t translate. In this case, the news is breaking that Israel hit the Jamraya Military Center near Damascus tonight our time, early Sunday morning Syrian time. Grumpy Opinions found this video on Twitter, and I did as well after he clued me. I’ve seen several links to this video describing it as the hit (close-up and spectacular) – quite a hit. Listen at the end as several men chant Allahu Akhbar. Remember, I cannot verify that this is a video of ‘the event’ at or near Jamraya, but it seems to be. Grumpy has his post up here. My original post is here. Ongoing updates as info becomes available.

UPDATE 4/5/13 @ 9:28 am: This morning we hear that Israel bombed Syria, near Damascus, “for hours. The video below has been confirmed to genuine. In this Reuters report, it is also confirmed that it is rebels celebrating when you hear the “Allahu Akhbar” in the background.

Israel, while declining to confirm the strike, stressed its focus was to deny its Lebanese foes new Iranian firepower and not take sides between Assad, long seen as a toothless adversary, and rebels who have won sympathy from Israel’s Western allies but who also include al Qaeda Islamists hostile to the Jewish state…

“CNN quoted Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mekdad calling Sunday’s attack a “declaration of war”, and the Iranian foreign minister urged countries to resist Israel. But a senior Iranian commander also said Syria was strong enough to defend itself without Tehran’s help – though he also offered training.”

UPDATE 4/4/13 @ 10:26 pm: Lots of rumors that Assad will declare war on Israel. I think Assad has his hands full. I don’t think he can pull off a war against Israel unless he uses a surprise Nuke. If he does that, it better a big one because Syria will be dust. What do you think?

UPDATE 5/4/13 @ 10:20 pm CDT:  5am local time in Syria has passed without comment from military authorities or the Assad regime. Speculation continues about the nature of the attack with some insisting that Israel’s weaponry was “nuclear-like”, that chemicals can be “smelt” in the air, and that the attack was co-ordinated by Israel with help from Syrian rebel forces. Source: The Commentator

Jamraya Military Center near Damascus Target of Israeli Strike?

Jamraya Military Center near Damascus Target of Israeli Strike?

Footage of Israel Hitting Jamraya Military Research Center or Nearby? (video)

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