Robel Philipos Third Man Arrested in Boston Marathon Bombings: Dumped Dzhokhar Backpack in Landfill – Police Recovered It – New Tweet From Dzhokhar!

Megyn Kelly on Fox News has identified the third suspect under arrest in the Boston Marathon bombings as Robel Philipos. Others also name him. She also read a Tweet, but I’m not sure which of the three did the tweeting. I’ll update when I have the actual quotes below. Here’s a paraphrase of the alleged Tweet:



FROM ONE OF THE SUSPECTS in a Tweet to Dzhokhar about 8 pm at night, not sure which night: Hey, you look like the guy in the photos of the Boston bombings.

DZHOKHAR: LOL. You’d better not go into my apartment and take anything you want.

Remember, that’s a paraphrase of what I believe Megyn Kelly read from the affidavit of today’s arrests.

Catherine Herridge is reporting this minute that the night of the bombings some of these three saw evidence of the Boston bombings and tried to get rid of it. The affidavit says officials recovered a backpack belonging to Dzhokhar in a landfill. In the backpack was Vaseline (used for making bombs), fireworks and a homework sheet from his college class.

Kelly says the affidavit shows that friends knew that Dzhokhar knew how to make a bomb one month before the bombings. Those now under arrest are two men from Kazakhstan, Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev and American Robel Philipos