Reminder: Chair of Hillary’s ‘Independent’ Accountability Review Board (ARB) is Her “Close Friend,” Bill’s Appointee

With Benghazi whistleblowers beginning to surface and offer to go under oath in exchange for judicial protection from the menace of the U.S. government, I have already heard Democrats decry the attacks on Hillary Clinton specifically because she was exonerated by her own Accountability Review Board (ARB). It was her review board, headed by Thomas Pickering, and Thomas Pickering to Hillary means “old friend.” Bill Clinton appointed Pickering to U.S. Ambassador to Russia. He was the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs from 1997 – 2001. Neither Hillary or her staff were interviewed by the Board. Hillary personally appointed four members of the Board and the DNI chose the fifth member. Look at the connections below.

Thomas Pickering

Thomas Pickering

From my previous post (much more info here on other members of Hillary’s ARB):

…Thomas Pickering was appointed to to the third ranking position in the State Department by Madeleine Albright, who was appointed by Bill Clinton. Pickering is a member of the advisory board of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) – left-leaning according to Judicial Watch…

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC):

…that opposes the imposition of economic sanctions against Iran and that, in the estimation of national security expert Kenneth Timmerman, “has been lobbying Congress to win support for an agenda that mirrors the goals of the Tehran regime.”

In 2009, former FI counterterrorism agent Kenneth Piernick reported that the group “may be lobbying n behalf of Iranian government interests…

In her 2009 paper Rise of the Iran Lobby, published by the Center for Security Policy, former CIa officer clare Lopez wrote that “Ambassador Pickering’s positions on Iran include calls for bilateral talks without preconditions and a plan for a multinational uranium enrichment consortium in Iran.

Uzra Zeya

Uzra Zeya

Also on the Board was Uzra Zeya, who served as the Executive Secretary. She has served as Deputy Executive Secretaries to Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice. Uzra Zeya is a staff member of the American Educational Trust specializing in Islamic affairs. This article by Zeya shows a mission to clear up unattractive images of the prophet Muhammad – things like the the Koran placing men above females. Not so according to Ms. Zeya. She also authored “How US Islamic Financial Institutions Provide Interest-Free Services.” She ‘produced’ this video (or something – it’s presented as Islam in America – by Uzra Zeya) of a pretty blonde California girl who converted to Islam, never leaves her home without being properly covered, and runs a school for Muslim children.

Enraging that Congress let Secretary Hillary Clinton get away with this. She was not investigated by this willfully biased “Accountability Review Board.” Where are our Defending Fathers.

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  • Geo

    Ah, the Clinton legacy. . . . continues.

    There is nobody who get anywhere near the Clinton’s that don’t get soiled somehow. Add Admiral Mullen who also served on this Review Board with Pickering.

    “What difference, at this point, does it make” – hrc

    “We have much more important things, we need to more onto.” -Hanoi John Kerry

    [And today]
    “Benghazi, was a long time ago.” – Jay Carney, Press Kid

    When are the Republicans going to say, “enough of this bullshit” and finally nail somebody?

    • Geo, I think plenty will be revealed, but no one’s political career will be ended over this. Our checks and balances no longer work.

  • I don’t care if Obama is impeached over this, but I do want Hillary doing serious time for it.

    • findalis, sadly neither will happen. There is nothing (and I believe ‘nothing’) that will get Obama impeached. Hillary has plenty of time to put this behind her the press will not pursue. By the time the 2016 elections begin to roll, no one but FOX and bloggers will remember this story in any responsible way.

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