On The Beach – Blog Crashes – It’s All Good Thanks to SunAnt

Yesterday (Thursday) hubby and I headed to the beach for our annual vacation. We’ve been going to the same place every year at this time for 18 years. I had scheduled a post for 3 am. At 3:40 am I checked to see if it had posted before shutting down my office computer and heading for the airport. I was greeted with sidebars and exactly zero posts from the beginning of time. Zero posts, zero drafts, six years of my view of history gone with sidebars intact – all the menus were gone as well. I had just a few minutes to send an email to my hosts, and the best tech guys EVER, at SunAnt Interactive.


We arrived at Dallas/Fort Worth airport in Terminal A and had to take the tram to Terminal D. There was a problem on the tram track about half way there. We had to abandon that tram, take another and go all the way around again.

Before we boarded our flight out of Dallas for Cabo, Matt and Damon at SunAnt had resurrected everything but the scheduled post and the photos of our vacation spot, which are on my office computer, so I’ll take some photos and put them up in the coming days – in the meantime, I’ve borrowed a few web images. Did I mention SunAnt is the BEST?

The pool close to our aptly named villa, Margarita 26

The pool close to our aptly named villa, Margarita

I am blessed to be able to do some traveling, and we have lots of family friends to visit, so when I’m not as active here as I love to be, it’s not for lack of interest but just a good life going on.

I hope to do some posting while at “the beach,” assuming my internet connection is working well, as it is this minute. Findalis at Monkey in the Middle has already posted. She had a hospital stay recently and is still recovering. I have told her she needs to take care of her health and not busy herself with my teensy corner of cyberspace. I always welcome her spirited work and love your comments of appreciation for what she does, but I’m sending her a message again this minute – findalis – take care of yourself! Maggie’s Notebook is just a blog.

It’s Margarita time.

First photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Pool photo courtesy of VRBO

  • Have a fun vacation and enjoy the Margaritas.

  • Geo

    Maggie enjoy your Vaca and Findalis, relax get better soon!

  • You just have fun and relax. We can keep busy until you get back.

  • Sun screen.. haha.. Have a wonderful rest.. you work very hard, so you deserve to enjoy yourself.. Me.. I’m spending the next week moving back into my studio.. Going to try to find time to head to my favorite park Yelllowstone..

  • Have a great vacation. . .hopefully when you return. . .the Usurper will be in jail, or hell which is where he belongs along with ALL his Muslim Brother-Hoods, plus family, & greedy gun running fast and furious friends.
    You know I said from the get go, Obummer was a fraud through & through.
    Total Counterfeit!

  • Behave yourself, have a drink for me–

    I use Sun Ant when I need professional advice, good guys reasonable pricing and easy to talk to– even better, unlike some computer people, they speak English instead on HTML/CSS

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  • I want a marguarita!…HAPPY MOM’S DAY TO THE LOVELY LADIES!!!…XOXOXO Have a great weekend to all the gentlemen..heh* 🙂