Mumbai Al-Jihad: US Consulate Officials Target of Planned July Attack – Terrorists Advise Advance Evacuation

Jihadists are now openly warning the future victims of terrorist attacks to vacate certain properties in advance of bombings. The Western Naval command received a communique in the form of a letter with the logo ‘Al-Jihad,’ alerting to an attack on U.S. interests in Kolkata on July 21st, 2013. India is bordered by Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.


The intelligence was shared with reference to an anonymous letter received by the consulate-general and American Centre in Kolkata, threatening to attack both places.

A copy of the single-page letter was passed on by Sanjay Kumar, command intelligence officer, western naval command. The letter has ‘Al-Jihad’ written on top, much like a logo or the name of an organization. It said US consulate officials are the targets and told the Americans to vacate the consulates. It also said, “We shall carry out blasts in public places and railway stations of Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai in July this year.”…

The state anti-terrorism squad (ATS) also issued a terror alert, saying the Indian Mujahideen (IM) could target several places to avenge the conviction of and death penalty for its operative, Himayat Mirza Baig, in the German Bakery bomb blast case. Source: Times of India

Last month, India accused China of encroaching 6 miles inside their border in the Ladakh region and setting up tents in what the BBC refers to as “de facto border.” The two countries set up military camps facing each other. This report says China has agreed to pull back to their prior border.

Al-Jihad seems to be an unknown group to officials in Mumbai. Terror-trackers KeyWikiDiscover the Networks and Investigative Project on Terror do not specifically name Al-Jihad as an organization. It’s odd that Western interests are being given advance warning and told to evacuate targeted sites.

Terror alerts are so frequent in Mumbai that “many senior officers say they don’t even read the alerts.” Security has been beefed up to counter both attacks. If the U.S. hired the security, our Mumbai U.S. officials should be afraid, very afraid.

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    I know from working at Microsoft for seven years (no longer there), their main telephone support centers are in these three big cities mentioned.. and I’m sure Microsoft isn’t the only company that does…. it will be interesting to see if any of this comes into play, and shuts down these cities…

    for reference…