Katherine Russell: 800 Sq Ft Apartment Babies and Bombs – How Long Before She Ditches the Burqa?

Inside the 800 sq. ft apartment Katherine Russell Tsarnaev (Tsarnaeva) shared with deceased husband Tamerlan, the Brothers Tsarnaev assembled at least four different types of bombs. According to news sites, “homegrown” terrorists generally make one type of “explosive device,” not four. The truth is, the Tsarnaevs were not “homegrown.” Dzhokhar became a citizen on September 11, 2012, likely laughing his rear off at the irony – and maybe celebrated with the three friends now in custody as well. He took the oath to pledge allegiance to his new country, but he was American in Name Only. Older brother Tamerlan was denied citizenship, but angry at America long before. The long-time landlord of the Tsarnaev family told the press that he was radicalized long before he went to Dagestan.

Katherine Russell Tsarnaev

Katherine Russell Tsarnaev

Katherine reportedly worked 12 to 15 hours a day, seven days a week to support her terrorist husband and their child. They lived in a 800 sq. foot apartment and according to this story, bomb residue was found on the kitchen table, the kitchen sink and bathtub of the house, where her baby spent the better part of 24-hours a day. The story goes on to say that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev confirmed that the bombs were made in Tamerlan and Katherine’s apartment.

Today we learn that Russell is no longer “cooperating” with police. I’m guessing the next step for Katherine Russell is to dump that black shroud she wears, deny Islam and claim she hadn’t a clue who she was living with. It will be interesting to see if that happens, and how long it takes. If this American girl clings to Islam, it will say volumes.

The female DNA found on the detonated bomb on Boylston Street is not Katherine’s, so that’s good news for her, but authorities are saying she telephoned Tamerlan just after the FBI released photos of him, the night before he died. John Miller, a CBS correspondent quotes those authorities saying  the “nature of that call” is of particular interest. I bet. Oh but wait, the call wasn’t taped, so…they will never know what the call yielded. Don’t cell phone companies have information? I thought they did, but maybe she used a landline.

We know the Brothers Tsarnaev had at least two pressure cookers. How many pressure cookers did Katherine use in her kitchen? None of course because she worked every minute of her waking day.

Surviving terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has told police the bombing date was planned for the July 4th Boston celebration (you know the one, complete with the Boston Pops), but the bombs “came together” quicker than expected, so they moved the ‘event’ to the Boston Marathon on April 15th. Dzhokhar has been charged with detonating one of the pressure cooker bombs.

It is inconceivable that Russell didn’t know, at the least, something odd was going on. Have police verified when she was at work? I’m sure they have. And there’s still the question, where was baby Zahara on the day he was bombing and then the day he was on the run, and died? Russell has indicated Tamerlan was caring for the child, but…guess not. Who had the baby?

  • I bet you she will claim innocence of what her hubby was doing. The other woman’s DNA is probably hubby’s second wife and it was she is covering up for her. And I bet you she is so deep in this.

  • Geo

    Oh, I think she’ll hold onto to it, at least long enough to try to get past the indictment and trial. Hell I can’t believe cair hasn’t protested the use of her uncovered head shot, even if it was taken before her enlightenment and conversion to the muzzlim religion.

    Geez, her parents must be soooo proud.