Inhofe: Benghazi an Orchestrated CoverUp – Not a Short Story – Hillary’s “Forceful Attitude” a Clue

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) interviewed with radio talk show host Rusty Humphries and said the Benghazi massacres were “clearly an orchestrated cover-up.” Inhofe believes this is not a “short” story and will still be around in 2014. We know for certain four Americans will still be dead in 2014.

Jim Inhofe

Jim Inhofe

Speaking of U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice’s Sunday talk show rounds insisting that the Benghazi attacks were the product of an anti-Islam video shown on YouTube, Inhofe said:

They knew that it was a cover-up at that time, the time that it happened, Inhofe said. To send Susan Rice out to lie to the American people is one thing that�s going to go down in history, that’s never going to be forgotten. Source: Politico

Hillary Clinton Testifying on Benghazi

Hillary Clinton Testifying on Benghazi

Remember when Hillary Clinton testified about Benghazi…finally, and pounded her fists a few times and infamously asked “what difference, at this point, does it make? [whether it was a spontaneous uprising or just some guys out for a walk – it was none of the above] when Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) questioned her?

I think that she has gotten by with that sort of forceful attitude, he said. It’s something you’re not really accustomed to or hear from women as much as you do men. And she came out so forcefully, and you could tell that it was orchestrated at the time that she said it. ~ Jim Inhofe

Her “vast right wing conspiracy” claim, as she denied that Monica Lewinsky and her husband, the president of the United States, had trysts inside the White House was also made forcefully on national television. She knew the truth then and lied about it, just as she knew that Benghazi was not due to an anti-Islam video. She stacked the Benghazi Accountability Review Board heavily in her favor and then refused to be interviewed or a request was not forthcoming, in which case she should have insisted that her input be included in a report with wide-ranging historical consequences, as a U.S. Ambassador was murdered while on her watch.

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  • I certainly hope this sticks to her in ’16 to derail her POTUS bid, and for the families of the four dead Americans, I hope the truth comes out. It will be interesting to see Obama finally throw Hills under the bus on this one. At that point I think you’ll see Bill get involved. He detests Obama to begin with, and I would be surprised if he doesn’t have something on Obama; for if he indeed does have dirt on him, we’ll see it come out then.

  • I just believe it was an unstable woman blowing her top.

  • IMHO witnesses pop up right and left now… and they must be mortified of Petraeus extracting revenge!

    What is Obama thinking making the CIA the scapegoat? They will expose him now imho…

  • It is really interesting how Mrs. Clinton has changed her mind… I though she was more consequent. Disappointed? Not very much…

  • It all depends on whether or not the MSM is willing to make and issue othe obvious cover-up. A few personallities are reacting, finally, but only a few.

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