How an Efficient Border Fence Works and How We Pay For It – Video

The razor wire worked. Unfortunately after cutting the alien free, we took him into custody, provided a medical evaluation, apparently will charge him, put him on trial and then deport him. Much cheaper to just drop him back onto the side he came from, as under Obama’s deferred deportations, he may never have to leave.  According to the Border Patrol, they’ve rescued 21 aliens involved in a high-wire act in this fiscal year. Look at this photo below from April 2013 of Congressman Jason Chaffetz walking down steps with a handrail to the river where illegals walk up to come into the U.S. No fence, just a handy set of stairs with safety rails and you’re in. The unanswered question: who allowed the stairs to be built, and who physically built them, who paid for it, and why hasn’t this cozy entry been destroyed?


So that fence that mangled the invader isn’t perfect, but you have to admit it takes some doing to make it over without being noticed.  Nay-sayers who believe fences will not work are open-border-minded. Of course border fences will work if done properly, not 100% efficient, I guessing at least 85% efficient, if not more.

The cost of doing proper fences can’t begin to compare to the cost of 12 million illegal aliens in this country, not to mention the very personal cost of illegal alien crime foisted on the American people.

I’ve read a few articles about planned physical fences being over-budget. This one from 2008 says the physical fence was $400 Million over-budget. If we quadruple that for today (although gosh knows, companies are hungry for work) and put just a small percentage of government waste, abuse and fraud to the fence, it could be a win-win for everyone but law breakers and Leftists.

$400 Million quadrupled would be $1.6 Billion. In October 2012, reports were that at least $45 Billion was “doled out” to Obama’s green initiatives that failed. Wouldn’t that have handily built our fences?

The Tulsa fence company hubby and I used when we built our house could build double and triple fences with ditches on each side and a large volume of concertina wire on top, as proposed in previous plans.  Bet you have several in your community capable of securing our borders as well, and yes I know that water makes fences undo-able, but there are other options, we just have to be willing to use them.

We are a foolish, foolish and corrupt country and it breaks my heart.

Rescue of Alien in High-Wire Act (video)

Video courtesy of Fox5 San Diego

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