Gang of 8 Immigration Bill: 867 Pages, 999 Waivers, Exemptions, “Political Discretion”

“Political discretion” in the new Immigration bill? The “revised” bill has 867 pages with 999 “references to waivers, exemptions and “political discretion.” We thought ObamaCare had unbelievable numbers of waivers and exemptions. Look at this:


The bill includes roughly 1.14 waivers or exemptions per page. By comparison, the 2,409-page Obamacare law includes 0.78 waivers and exemptions per page.

The Obamacare law contains 1,882 mentions of “unless,” “notwithstanding,” “except,” “exempt,” “waivers,” “discretion” and “may.” “Waiver” is mentioned 209 times in the law.

The new draft of the immigration bill — which will allow officials much control over the supply and cost of labor needed by American companies — has 85 mentions of “unless,” 150 uses of “except,” 18 inclusions of “exempt,” 92 mentions of “waiver,” 42 offers of “discretion,” 47 use of “notwithstanding” and 618 uses of “may” in the 876-page bill. Source: Daily Caller

The Daily Caller calculator ignored the words “may not.”

Now that the legislation has been revised, the question of how long Senators will have to read the 847 pages of a Senatorial assault on American sovereignty is not known. You do know what political discretion means? Right?

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