Desperate People Will Grab on to Any LifeLine – Even Oklahomans? Even Barack Obama?

When Barack Obama visited Moore, Oklahoma yesterday he promised the people that the government “has your back,” and as the government did in New Jersey and New York the government will be here “until you completely rebuild,” and “we mean it.” Oklahoma U.S. Representative Tom Cole (District 4) toured the devastated area with Governor Mary Fallin. After Obama boarded Air Force One and winged his way somewhere, Cole said the President “made an awfully good impression on the people of Oklahoma.” So there’s that. Now the awful reality will set in, as it did in New Jersey, that Obama used the state for a photo op and his words are near, although not totally, meaningless. Desperate people will grab onto any lifeline, and indeed, a lifeline is needed. The damage is estimated to be $2 billion, the most expensive in tornado history according to this report, however, the Joplin, Missouri damages are at $2.86 billion in 2013.

And when we say that we’ve got your back, I promise you, we keep our word. If you talk to folks in Alabama who have been affected over the last couple of years; you talk to the folks at Joplin, who I know have actually sent volunteers down here to Moore; if you talk to folks in New Jersey and New York, they’ll tell you that when we say we’re going to be there until you completely rebuild, we mean it. And I want everybody to have that confidence. Source: NewsOK

Moore, Oklahoma Aerial Photo of F-5 Tornado Aftermath

Moore, Oklahoma Aerial Photo of F-5 Tornado Aftermath

Frustration has now turned to anger for many Hurricane Sandy victims after living in limbo for more than six months, and they say the slow response and inaction by the Obama administration is taking its toll.

Sandy victims continue to fight with insurers to get a fair payout for the damage they sustained. Flood insurance claims through the National Flood Insurance Program, administered by FEMA, are slow in being paid out and are falling far short of what victims need to rebuild.

Residents feel the government is acting as a roadblock to the rebuilding efforts.

Monmouth Beach resident Dan Burke lost the entire first floor of his home. He said despite the positive media coverage praising President Barack Obama’s response to the storm, the government has been extremely slow and inadequate. Source: Free Beacon May 12, 2013

I believe people who own homes should self-insure and take care of their own needs, and pray that their insurance company cooperates with swift reimbursement of properly recorded property. If you decide to live on the ocean anywhere in the world you must know that in your lifetime, the ocean may come for an unfriendly visit. If you live in “tornado alley,” a tornado may visit never, once or more than once, as it has in Moore, Oklahoma.

FEMA’s place in the community, in my opinion, is rebuilding public property – schools, roads, bridges, etc, and there should be federal consequences for insurance companies who do not swiftly meet their commitments, including the government-controlled National Flood Insurance program.

The government has somewhat replaced the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and dozens of other reputable charities which once-upon-a-time would have supplied at the least, drinking water. Since Katrina in New Orleans, where people could have easily evacuated and had plenty of time to do so AFTER THE STORM, but chose not to, FEMA is in charge of water and all matter of things, especially unused trailer homes.

Oklahomans are polite people. If they show-up to hear the President of the United States, they will be polite while hoping for a valid lifeline, but we understand this president has brought no hope for recovery or prosperity from sea to shining sea.

Think twice if you believe RINO Rep. Tom Cole can recognize Oklahomans eagerly embracing Barack Obama. Cole is likely the only Republican member of the delegation with the slightest belief that Obama has “your back” here in the state where every single county voted for the Republican candidate for president in 2012. Photo courtesy of NYDailyNews and Benjamin Krain Getty Images

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  • In the early fifties, I lived in a tornado ally. Some were devastating, but not like the one that hit Moore, Ok. There was no such thing as FEMA in those days and no one complained that the feddeeral government should do something. Communities depended on themselves and in the most severe case, the governor would call-in the National Guard to help clear debris. As you said, the Red Cross and Salvation Army and, of course, the local churches all pitched-in. Today, by design, those suffering from natural disasters have become dependent on the federal government. The federal government can’t operate the postal system without losing billions of dollars. Why would we think they can do any better at rebuilding after a tornado or in running our healthcare system?

  • Oklahoma can just wait until hell freezes over for help from the Feds. Just ask the survivors of Sandy. Some are still waiting for help and money.

    BTW: The Red Cross has millions of dollars they are holding that was collected to help survivors of Sandy. Any bets that they will be building a new office building?

  • Ronald J. Ward

    Findalis, some will continue waiting for help and money from the Feds as those checks arent meant to be distributed like bottled water. Not everyone qualifies. There’s paperwork involved for the insured and the uninsured. They also have to follow up with documentation from their insurer on what wasn’t paid.

    Also, the Red Cross is not a government agency.

    It looks like once again The President is damned any way he turns. Had he not shown up at all, well, one can only imagine. If he shows up to console, the people are simply naive or shell shocked to the point that they “grab on to any lifeline”. But I’ll digress.

    Granted, Obama delivering on his promises and expectations has been an abject disappointment. But looking at the storm victims, in their hour of need, which side should they “trust” the most. Hasn’t the GOP, on several occasions, introduced legislation to end FEMA entirely? And for many of these folks who now have nothing, didn’t the GOP House just recently pass a bill that would end their overtime pay as they know it. Isn’t this the same GOP that recently refused them a rather tiny increase in minimum wage? So seriously, when it comes to choosing a party that would most likely “have their backs”, well, Obama’s claim holds a lot more credence than today’s radical Republican Party.

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  • Ronald J. Ward, my point was about Tom Cole’s comments, not Obama’s visit. In New Jersey, only half of the schools damaged have even had a FEMA representative visit. My point is also that FEMA should be ended permanently. The other point is, the government doesn’t “have our backs” no matter what they say, so quit saying it. There is such a thing as personal responsibility and we need to get on with it.

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