Beware the Dictators of Virtue

  • The Sultan nails it! America will some day soon regret that it fell for rance of diversity lie.

  • Arlie

    The world has been turned upside down and inside out and no one can paint the the truth with words better than Daniel Greenfield. He can take a phrase and lead you down the path of reality eloquently. I admire his poetic style of phrase. His writing teaches like parables and common sense virtues.

    I just refreshed my memories of the Clinton era and watched a video on you tube that has had only about 6000 views. While viewing it I can now see from where the current ills sprang. The roots of U.S. social fabric was ripped and fell and has never recovered: Bill Clinton’s Rise to Power. Everyone should watch this video and learn.

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  • There are no good Muslims. . . period. NO tolerance ever. . .they are our arch enemy. Godless infidels, not to ever be trusted, that includes the Usurper.

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  • “A free society is practical. It acts in its own defense. A tolerant society acts to assert its values.A free society is practical. It acts in its own defense. A tolerant society acts to assert its values.”
    So very quotable.

  • The liberal leftists want to take this country to Communism and the Western world to feudalism, and the best way is to break the backbone of morality.

    They do it incrementally by refashioning the mindset.

    To be HOMOSEXUAL is to be “gay”, when in fact it is disgust. “Same-sex marriage” is said to be a “marriage” when it is merely an abomination. “Planned parenthood” is a euphemism for promoting infanticide. “Pro-choice” means promoting sex with abandon, without responsibility or forethought or planning. They want terms such as brother, sister, father or mother to be irrelevant.

    It must warp the educational system, the fundamental construct in the society. Ban religion, of course, because that reinforces adherence to morality. Remove prayer from school because the all-seeing Eye Above should no longer be invoked before a crime is committed, and the more crime, the faster society implodes.

    Thus the importance of removing guns from the citizenry – to remove the citizen’s source of protection.

    What better way to destroy good education than to replace it with sham. They want to perpetuate the myth of Global Warming, yet anyone believing in The Creator would immediately sense the absurdity in that – as if The Creator would create a world that would self-destruct. But it’s best to supplant religion with the religion of pseudoscience.

    The lack of strong moral fiber imbued with a strong faith in God leads to travesty of truth and justice because only by following The Creator’s wishes can society prevent itself from deteriorating into Sodom.