White House to Fix Airport Delays They Willfully Caused?

After just a few days of long waits on the tarmac as pilots were told they were 45th in line for take-off (or whatever) Obama may be ready to cave, which is surprising, because, well you know, he’s hard core. Taking every chance to use the sequester to hurt We the People, and he caves after a few days, doesn’t make sense, but then Democrats are up for election in about 1-1/2 years which is a short enough time for voter to remember that awful time on the jetway that could have been avoided.


“Under growing pressure, the Obama administration signaled Wednesday it might accept legislation eliminating Federal Aviation Administration furloughs blamed for lengthy delays affecting airline passengers, while leaving the rest of $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts in place.

The disclosure came as sentiment grew among Senate Democrats as well as Republicans for legislation to ease the impact of the cuts on the FAA, and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood held talks with key senators.

“I think there was a meeting of the minds” on steps to remedy the situation, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., said after the meeting. He said he hoped for a resolution before the Senate begins a scheduled weeklong vacation at week’s end.

Said LaHood, “There are too many delays and common ordinary citizens are being affected.”

According to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, which is privy to FAA data, there were 5,800 flight delays across the country for the three-day period beginning Sunday, when the furloughs took effect. Some were caused by weather. The union said that compares with 2,500 delays for the same period a year ago.” Source: Federal News

In the way Democrats do things when they’re backed against a wall, Senator Harry Reid wants to use monies from those NOT being spent due to ending the war in Iraq. Republicans said, no:

“There are no “savings” from money that wasn’t going to be spent anyway.  We pulled out of Iraq years ago, and we’re getting out of Afghanistan next year no matter what, Barack Obama insists.  Those reductions have already been claimed numerous times for Democratic deficit-reduction claims, so much so that it’s becoming the wild card in liars-poker budgeting.” Source: Hot Air which has more on how the FAA already has authority to end the problem

We need not forget this this didn’t need to happen, that the plan was the President’s and that Republicans gave the President the authority to shift funds around precisely so that things like this would not happen. He refused. Don’t forget it.