Watertown Search: Where Do We Draw the Line? Fix The VISA Procedure NOW

The video below is said to be from Watertown, Massachusetts during the search for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Police rap the door of a house and when a man finally answers, he comes out with his hands up. There are many law enforcement officers on the scene. After a time, five or six more people exit with hands up and they are searched and sent down the street where other officers await them. I applaud law enforcement for what I know about the Watertown lock-down, but will not forget had the FBI done their job, these men and their families would not be in the U.S. I will not forget how our immigration laws make every freedom the Constitution secures for us, us easy targets. 

Watertown House-to-House Search. Click the pic to visit the Facebook Page

Watertown House-to-House Search. Click the pic to visit the Facebook Page

On the one hand, a killer was on the loose and it was clear he was capable of bringing disaster to Americans. He was loose in a residential area. Police had  responsibility to keep citizens safe. How many times were residents forced to leave their homes with their hands in the air? I don’t know. Were weapons confiscated or other property?

I can understand that in a house-to-house search, police might find something illegal going on unrelated to the manhunt, but we are supposedly protected from illegal search and seizure, so whatever they find unrelated to the matter at hand should be left for another day.

However, what if you happen upon a known but undiscovered danger – someone(s) dangerous, already known but unfound or unidentified until the manhunt of a terrorist?

Fix the damn immigration laws NOW and I’m NOT referring to ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ legislation in any form. Fix our Visa system. It is NOT believable that we cannot track Visas. We are told the system can’t handle it – but the system can handle handing them out like candy on Halloween. How difficult can it be to implement a flag on the date any Visa expires? We’ve hired millions of government workers in the last 4-12 years. This is a job that can be done. September 11, 2001 would not have happened had we deported those with expired Visas. Tamerlan Tsarnaev would have been on a terrorist watch list, at the least, but this administration didn’t wanted him there.

Watertown shows us how vulnerable we are. If police and government ever want to lock us down for unsavory and unconstitutional reasons, we saw a pure image of how that will happen this past week.

A caution: this video is identified as happening in Watertown. I cannot confirm the validity.

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 This video said to be footage from Watertown, Massachusetts during the manhunt for Dzhoktar Tsarnaev(video)