Tsarvaev: May Have Sold Pot to Finance Terror: Tamerlan’s Friend Was Found Dead Covered with Pot

Three men were found dead, murdered with ice picks or knives, their bodies “covered in marijuana.” One of the men, Brendan Mess, was considered Tamerlan’s closest friend in the U.S. and his sparring partner in the gym boxing ring. Suspicions now surfacing that the Brothers Tsarnaev may have sold pot to fund their bombing jihad.

UPDATE 4/27/13: Fox New’s Justice just reported that the three men were murdered on September 11, 2011, NOT Sepember 12, 2011 as reported below.

Brendan Mess - Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Brendan Mess – Tamerlan Tsarnaev

The brothers allegedly used the ill-gotten funds to buy three pounds of black powder at a New Hampshire fireworks shop and other components to make two shrapnel-packed pressure-cooker bombs. The explosives, set off by remote detonating devices, went off near the finish line of the road race the afternoon of April 15, maiming hundreds. Tamerlan, 26, was killed in a gunfight with authorities early Friday while Dzhokhar was captured in Watertown, Mass., later that evening.

The marijuana-dealing revelation, which CBS News attributes to investigative sources, is the latest twist in the ongoing case.

Friends of the ex-Golden Gloves boxer have openly speculated Tamerlan may have been involved in a grisly triple homicide two years ago involving one of his close friends. The unsolved case continues to stump investigators in the Boston suburb of Waltham, where Tsarnaev’s friend, 25-year-old Brendan Mess, was found murdered Sept. 12, 2011, in his apartment.

Mess, along with two other men, had their throats slit by either an ice pick or knife, and their bodies were covered in marijuana. The attack was made even more bizarre after police said $5,000 was left at the blood-splattered scene. Source: NY Daily News

More details on the murders here.  Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the photo, who also is talking about the murders.