Tsarnaev: Can You Imagine FBI Saying Foreigners Were Involved When They Ignored Tamerlan’s 6 Meetings with Militants?

I’m hearing tonight that Dzhokhar was Mirandized and cannot pay for an attorney. He has apparently said there were no “foreign elements” involved in his terror attack on Boston, Watertown, the MIT Campus police, the Watertown police and the car-jacked man. Dzhokhar said they figured it all out on the internet. Can you envision any way the FBI would tell us anything different?

If Dzhokhar DID SAY “foreigners,” or “Jihadists in the U.S.,” or a “U.S. terror cell” helped with the attacks, can you possibly believe the FBI would admit it? Maybe they would, but maybe they wouldn’t. I’m having trouble feeling good about this report, considering that the FBI was not interested in Tamerlan’s meetings with militants at a mosque in Dagestan – 6 times.



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