Tamerlan’s Wife Katherine Russell May Have Tipped Him of Manhunt: Where Was Their Child?

The story is that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told authorities (before he was Mirandized) that his sister-in-law Katherine Russell Tsarnaev phoned her husband Tamerlan to alert him to the manhunt sometime after the photos were posted by the FBI. According to her attorney, Katherine knew nothing about a radicalized husband or brother-in-law, bombs being manufactured possibly in her home, or that when he was supposed to be caring for their three year old child while she worked monsterous hours, he was not. So who was? When she came home Thursday night in the hours just before Tamerlan was gunned down by police, possibly already wounded by his own IED, and then run-over by a stolen Cadillac Escalade by his own brother, who had the baby? When she got home, was the child there? If not, where was the child? If Tamerlan was not with the child, then whomever had her, probably knew something.

Katherine Russell Tsarnaev

Katherine Russell Tsarnaev

Greta Van Susteren went over the new details with Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard last night on On the Record. Hayes said authorities have Tamerlan and Russell’s cell phone records, but it is unclear whether they have confirmed the phone call. Hayes said he has serious doubts about claims that Russell had no idea what Tamerlan was up to due to the fact that she typically works 70-80 hours a week as a home health aide. Source: Breitbart

Photo courtesy of New York Daily News

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  • The FBI now says that there was a third person at the Marathon. My question is where the wife was? Someone had to press the remote control.