Tamerlan Walked Toward Police Firing – Ran out of Ammo: Dzhokhar Drove Over Tamerlan as Cops Were Handcuffing Him – Drug HimThrough the Street

Last night we heard that Dzhokhar had backed over his brother Tamerlan before escaping in a stolen SUV, and eventually leaving the vehicle and fleeing on foot. I assumed that for some reason Tamerlan had gotten out of the vehicle and may have detonated accidentally or purposefully, some device that injured him. According to the Watertown Police Chief, Tamerlan got out of the car, was firing and walking toward the police. He got with 5 feet to 10 feet of police and ran out of ammo. He was tackled and police were handcuffing him when they saw Dzhokhar backing toward them. Here’s a partial transcription of the two videos below.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the devout Muslim who said it was against his religion to bare his check in front of a female.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the devout Muslim who said it was against his religion to bare his check in front of a female.

The police chief, Edward Deveau, describes how cops nearly apprehended the older suspect, and were placing handcuffs on him in the middle of the street Thursday night, when the younger suspect came at officers in a carjacked SUV. The cops were able “to dive out of the way,” and the younger suspect then continued to drive directly over his brother and dragging him through the street. That’s how the older suspect died, according to the police chief.

The younger suspect eventually dumped the SUV and ran into the darkness of the night, according to the police chief. It took nearly 18 hours and massive manhunt to find the younger suspect. He gave himself up after a 20-minute negotiation with the FBI, he said, but not before the suspect fired more rounds at the authorities.

Deveau also said when Dzhokhar was captured, he eventually cooperated with police by lifting up his shirt so that they could determine that he did not have explosives on his body. Source: Weekly Standard

The beginning of the video tells the story of how they convinced Dzhokhar to lift his shirt so that officers could see that he was not strapped with bombs. After he complied, they captured him. He said little to nothing at the time of the arrest according to Deveau.

More details: the man who was car-jacked and then released left his cell phone in his SUV and police tracked the brothers through that cell phone.

Note in the second video Deveau makes it clear that Dzhoktar exchanged fire with police while he was in the boat.

The following transcript begins at 4:25 into the first video:

DEVEAU: What had happened is, there was an assassination of an MIT police officer.

WOLF BLITZER: And you believe it was by these brothers?


BLITZER: Why would they want to kill this policeman?

DEVEAU: That’s still under investigation. He was responding to a loud disturbance call and that happens.

BLITZER: On the campus of MIT or at this convenience store?

DEVEAU: I believe it was on campus. Then they fled. They did a car-jacking and somehow for some reason they came to Watertown…

BLITZER: They’re in a hi-jacked car. They took the driver and then they let the driver go after the driver supposedly went to an ATM and gave them so money. Is that right?

DEVEAU: Right…what happened with Watertown – one of our first police officers – we are getting information that by pinging the cell phone, he is in Watertown, so we kind of know what streets he is on. This is the victim’s [of the car-jacking] cell phone…Lucky for us that his cell phone remained in the vehicle so we could get updates. So now it’s 12:30 am in the morning down a residential street in Watertown – sleepy neighborhood, and our officers see two vehicles – the brothers are in two different cars, including the car that was hi-jacked. He calls, notifies our station. We do all the proper procedures – do not engage the cars, let’s get you some backup, and before we can even get there, the two cars stop. They jump out of the car and unload on our police officers.

BLITZER: When you say ‘unload’ what are you saying?

DEVEAU: They both come out of the cars shooting guns, handguns and there was a long arm in the car, so we’re not exactly sure. We’re still piecing that together, but he’s under direct fire, very close by. He has to jam it in reverse and try to get himself a little distance.

BLITZER: The younger brother?

DEVEAU: No the police officers. The two brothers are shooting at the officers who responded, and now within seconds I have two or three other police officers that pull up. We had just finished a shift, so two off-duty officers who were on their way home heard the call, so I have 6 police officers in this very tight area engaged in gun fighting. We estimate there was over 200 shots fired over a 5 to 10 minute period.

BLITZER: So these two brothers had a lot of weapons. They were well armed?

DEVEAU: Right.

BLITZER: Did they have pipe bombs too?

DEVEAU: They had pipe bombs and explosives. During the exchange, all of a sudden something got thrown at them, my police officers, and we know find out it’s the exact bomb that blew up at the Marathon on Monday.

BLITZER: What do you mean? Like in a pressure cooker?

DEVEAU: Yes, we find the pressure cooker embedded in the car down the street, so there’s a major explosion during this gun fight. Six of my officers that I’m extremely proud of – heroic, I mean how – I’m not – my heart goes out to the MIT officer and his family, but how the Watertown police are not attending a funeral of their own, based on what happened on that street, over that period of time, is just talent, guts and glory…There was that major explosive. There was two other grenades that came in – they were lighting something and throwing them, and they were exploding – we call them hand grenades – they were very rough devices. Two others didn’t explode…

BLITZER: So walk us through what happened. The older brother is wounded and out of the car and there are reports that the younger brother drove away and drove over his brother, is that right?

DEVEAU: Well, eventually yes, that’s what happened. What happened is that that the brother, the first brother that died at the scene, he all of a sudden comes out of the car and starts walking down the middle of the street, shooting, trying to get closer. Now my closest police officers are 5 to 10 feet away and are exchanging gun fire. He runs out of ammunition – the bad guy, and one of my police officers comes off the side and tackles him in the street. We’re trying to get him handcuffed. There are two or three police officers handcuffing him [the older brother] and at the same time,


DEVEAU: at the last minute, they obviously have tunnel vision…it was a very special situation, one of them yells “look out” and here comes the black SUV, the car-jacked car directly at them. They dive out of the way and he runs over his brother and drags him a short distance down the street…

BLITZER: In effect, killing his brother?

DEVEAU: Yes. That’s what we think.

BLITZER: The younger brother? The 19-year-old is then driving this car and he escapes.

DEVEAU: Exactly.

BLITZER: You pursue?

DEVEAU: Right. At the same time we realize one of the transit officers who came behind has been hit in the groin and has serious bleeding going on. One of my police officers who is an EMT went and rendered him aid, and went along with the partner of the transit company, and they just deserve all kinds of credit for saving that gentleman’s life…

BLITZER: How did the younger one escape?

DEVEAU: Well, he just drove off. There was still gun fire. He got down two or three streets. We were in pursuit of him, along with other officers from surrounding communities who are coming in and he dumps the car into the darkness of the streets. Then we lost contact with him….

BLITZER: This is about 1 o’clock in the morning?

DEVEAU: Just before 1 o’clock.

BLITZER: You take the older brother to the hospital and he is pronounced dead at the hospital?

The transcription of the second video ends at 1:55.


Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau with Wolf Blitzer (video)
Continuation of Deveau and Blitzer (video)
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