Statewide TeaParty Protest Against Marco Rubio Planned in Florida

The Martin 9/12 Tea Party Committee in Florida is sponsoring a statewide protest against Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio is a prime example of being swept away by pretty words and good looks. It happens to Republicans as well as Democrats and when we see candidates distancing themselves from TeaParty values, we shouldn’t need a second look.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

The immigration group, FLIMEN is also urging Floridians to protest Rubio’s district offices. Back in 2009, Rubio met with the FLIMEN and all but promised them that he would never support any pathway to citizenship, or amnesty for illegal immigrants.

But that was 2009, and Rubio was running for office. Rubio who has dismissed these immigration groups as “crazy,” has softened on the issue considerably, but sticks to his main point that he does not support “blanket amnesty” for illegal immigrants.

Just yesterday during his “media blitz” promoting the soon-to-be release bipartisan immigration reform bill, Rubio took a page out of the Associated Press’ (AP) playbook, and used the term “undocumented” to identify illegal immigrants. Source: SharkTank

Rubio’s self-separation from from the TeaParty began long ago when he refused to join The Tea Party Caucus (and actually, even before that time). Rubio is a mainstream Republican with a deep special interest in making illegals legals. Protests Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at all of Senator Rubio’s Florida district offices.


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  • Yos

    In fairness… I rather agree with this bill. I find that Rubio is selling it honestly.

    On the other hand, it does look as if he’s succumbing to Potomac Fever. Some of his past votes have been wasted.

    Dunno. In any case, he’s on a B or C list for 2016 in my book. (Palin is still on the A list.)

    • I won’t support Rubio (unless he is my only choice). What we know now about the Immigration Bill has stopped him cold among my choices. The fact that he would enter into an arrangement with a ‘Gang’ without making it clear to the leading Democrat that he will support nothing that is rushed through, shows me that Rubio is not serious about responsible reform. I am very disappointed that Leahy holds the power when Democrats must have Republicans to make this work. Rubio should have walked away. Now we have the Marco Phone, amnesty for relatives not living here and a green card for those previously deported. I don’t like any of it.

      • Yos

        Ya know… you’re right. My instinct told me that if Michael Medved agrees with the bill, and with Rubio, then it and he are the wrong way to go. I’ve just learned of the last two elements you’d raised. Chain migration and an invitation to proven law breakers? I don’t like it either. There will be a massive stomp to the border to make the first invasion look like a company picnic.

        Rubio is now Plan D.

        • Yos, it gets harder and harder to believe in anyone. The only one I am constantly certain of, without question, is Jim DeMint.