Silence from Rubio and Gang of 8 on Cost of Welfare Benefits in Immigration Bill

Republican Senators Chuck Grassley (IA), Jeff Sessions (AL) and Pat Roberts (KS) have asked the Gang of 8 repeatedly for information on the taxpayer-paid cost of benefits  to illegals who suddenly become legal or put their foot ‘on the path’ to citizenship. Not surprisingly, there are no answers. Unbelievably, Rubio’s spokesperson replied that once the legislation “is completed, we will ask for an in-depth, dynamic study of its long term benefits and costs.” The legislation is completed now, at least at the committee level, and Senator Patrick Leahy has promised to ram-it through. Republicans are neutered – no time to read the mammoth bill, and only one hearing scheduled, with Janet Napolitano the sole witness. This is your U.S. Senate at work.


“As we discovered through several oversight requests from the Agriculture, Budget, and Judiciary Committees, existing federal immigration law designed to protect taxpayers is not enforced by this administration,” they wrote. “One of the biggest challenges facing any reform of our nation’s immigration laws is the refusal of this administration to enforce the laws already on the books.” Read the letter from Grassley, Session and Roberts at Daily Caller

Your fun trivia for the day:

“The Democrats have already agreed to partially repeal Obamacare for illegal immigrants, which is a key concession. Any suggestion that this legislation will extend welfare to illegal immigrants is simply false.”

If you are still laughing in another 5 minutes, SNAP OUT OF IT!

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  • Remember that 47% that got Romney in so much campaign trouble from the left? Remember those union thugs who crashed the capitol of the state of Wisconsin to oppose Governor Scott Walker? Remember the small margin by which Barack Obama won re-election in 2012? All those ‘constituencies’ and more have no problem allowing anyone, and I mean anyone, from becoming a legal US citizen whether they are here legally or not?

    Rubio is a hack. The Gang of 8 are shamnesty adocates. Liberals and their RINO ocunterparts will destroy our nation if we let them. Problem is, how do we save our nation?

    • Stanford, I don’t think we save our nation. I don’t believe we turn it around. They will have their disgraceful amnesty and the Rule of Law will be dead in every respect.

      • Sissy

        And they will flaunt it in our faces and consider themselves yet another protected class that has more rights than legal citizens. They do it now in the ghettos in Fairfax, VA

        • Sissy, I just don’t know what Rubio is thinking.

  • You’re visiting your doctor because you have flu symptoms. After checking your heart, pulse and other vital signs, your doctor turns to you and asks, “By the way, the federal government has authorized me to ask you, What type and how many guns do you have in your home?”

    Sounds like George Orwell’s “1984”?


    It’s 2013. And if President Barack Obama gets his way by executive order, doctors across the country could play a key role in his new gun control initiative.

    • I took my two grand children to their new doctor and had to fill out the forms about health history and the last question on the forms was: Do you have guns in your home? Why would they want to know if a 4 and 9 year old had guns?????

      • Pam, I’ve heard this story over and over. This is the new normal unless we stop it.

    • The Screaming Eagle, I wonder how many doctors will refuse? And if they do, will they not be paid.

  • We have been sold out by the GOP. They are courting the Hispanic vote via Amnesty. Expect this to pass both Houses. The cost is in the trillions, but they don’t give a damn.

  • Shame on Rubio — it is Nancy Pelosi all over again — we have to pass the bill to know what’s in it. The GOP is totally desperate. And totally finished.

    • Norma, today – again, I heard Karl Rove say that Marco Rubio is a TeaParty candidate. While TeaPartiers have tended to like him, he refused to join the TeaParty caucus and often seemed embarrassed by them. He shunned meetings on Capitol Hill designed to strengthen TeaParty values. He came from the Florida legislature and is a politician.

  • I still say it’s much cheaper to put them ALL on buses headed south!

    • Woodsterman, makes too much sense and costs too little. Political leaders on both sides would never support good sense and small cost.