Rubio “Selling Lies” – Snake Oil Hawked by Gang of 8: A Little Straight Talk – We Need Hispanic Voters

Senator Marco Rubio’s Press Secretary is comparing the American problem with illegals (who incidentally should not have full rights of citizenship) to slavery. The push is identical to that of the Kennedy-McCain push. McCain flipped off We the People with more of this “straight talk” (see that below). Reminder: The Gang of 8 legislation calls for giving legal status to previously deported illegals, including some of those with criminal backgrounds, and accepts a far-reach of “relatives.” Border security does not come “first” as promised – and has specious provisions for eventually concluding the border is safe – and it leaves that conclusion to Janet Napolitano and ICE Director John Morton. After 5 years, if Congress believes the border is not safe, a new  commission will be formed to monitor and report to We the People. That’s the snake oil.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

Despite his plea for cooler heads to prevail in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing last, Alex Conant, press secretary for Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, likened the current plight of illegal immigrants to that of slaves in 19th century America.

Conant made his remarks in a Twitter argument with the Washington Examiner’s Conn Carroll, who accused the Florida Republican of “selling lies.” Conant replied by asking Carroll for suggestions.

After Carroll suggested scrapping a proposed assimilation bureau, cutting grants to leftist groups and other changes, Conant rebutted those suggestions by saying Americans have not “had a cohort of people living permanently in US without full rights of citizenship since slavery.” Read the Twitter exchange here – Carroll begins with “Rubio had tons of good will built up with conservatives. Enough to sell an honesty amnesty. But now all he is selling is lies.”

Another reminder of this folly: the legislation requires DHS to track “all immigrants each time the enter or exit the country,” yet we are told we cannot track expired VISAs – which are already entered into the system! The problem of overstaying VISAs is one of the reasons we have so many illegals. They come. They don’t leave. We do nothing about it.

On April 18th in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) declared America an idea, “nobody owns it,” he said. I remind him he is included in “nobody.” This is the same act, second verse for McCain (R-AZ) and Graham. The Constitution owns the idea and the likes of Graham and so many before him have betrayed that Grand and Precious Idea that was to be the United States of America.

At the same meeting, Senator John McCain said we “need a little straight talk,” “Republicans” need the “Hispanic voter,” as if they will vote Republican – which a huge number of studies have shown WILL NOT happen. 

While Rubio has never been first on my list for Republican presidential candidates, I did have high hopes he would be a strong conservative leader – a leader we are desperately in need of, but we do have Senators Ted Cruz and Ron Paul up to the challenge. We DO NOT need the 2013-Rubio or his well-paid staff. Comparing the plight of illegals who came illegally and uninvited to this country to slavery is disgraceful.