Petition: Confiscate Guns Door by Door – Only Illegal Guns on The Streets: Californians Love the Petition Video

In the video, he couldn’t have been clearer about the intent of this petition to leave guns on the streets along with the criminals. These people breathe and vote.


Repealing Second Amendment for All Law Abiding Citizens (video)
Thanks to friends DanCar for the great graphic! Thanks to InfoWars for the video. Read the article here.

  • Actually, there has been an interesting conversation last week, and I luckily had the chance to get there. It was about 3D printing (that’s actually my hobby) and it was about gun control as well. The main 3D model sites have already censored their content and banned the parts for guns, but meanwhile, a 3D pirate site called defcom has been organized like an open-source community to share these design parts. I don’t support gun control, because I think people are the killing machines, not the guns. We have to take care about people’s mind and then they won’t kill each other. Although I can picture myself how cruel people can be… So, I think that the best solution was to control the purchase of gun powder, not the guns. In this case, I can 3D print a gun for myself (maybe only for some decoration), but if I want to shoot with it, I have to go to a shooting hall or a field. I really like your informational data about accidental death reasons, it explains itself.

    • And parts of these guns cannot be detected by metal detection in airports. It just might be a matter of time before a terrorist uses one of these to hijack a plane.

    • bonooobong, I am clueless abut 3D prints of guns, but – interesting.

  • My state again should be embarrassed, but it’s not.

  • We can now put Pressure Cookers on the list….

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