Paul Kevin Curtis a Democrat? Called Out Media for Not Talking About Obama’s Mother’s Nude Photos

Last night I published a short piece showing a photo from Lady Liberty 1885 of the Paul Kevin Curtis who has been arrested for sending Ricin-laden letters to politicians. Not sure whether Curtis has been charged at this time. Curtis is a well-known person in his community in Mississippi and is the father of four. This morning a reader dropped by with a link to a photo posted on Twitter by, presumably, the same Paul Kevin Curtis showing photos of Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro that the media chose to ignore. Thanks to the reader who identifies as “Jerry.”

UPDATE: April 27, 2013 – a new arrest in the ricin case today. Everett Dutschke, a martial arts instructor in Tupelo, Mississippi was taken into cusstody today for involvement in sending ricin-laced letters to Obama and Sen. Roger Wicker. See the story here.

UPDATE: April 23, 2013 – once again, the FBI got it wrong. Kevin Curtis was released from custody today, with no further charges. He is not a suspect or person of interest.

Paul Kevin Curtis Twitter Posting

Paul Kevin Curtis Twitter Posting

Curtis was active on Twitter (@KevinCurtisLive) up to 17 hours ago (it’s 10:08 am CDT now) which had to be within three hours of his arrest, tweeting this:


Paul Kevin Curtis

Paul Kevin Curtis

Most of his Tweets are photos and videos, most about himself, but some about possible conspiracies, including the teen who some believe had his organs harvested before he was dead and an alleged murder of Elvis Presley’s cousin. More on this in a later post.

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  • Democrat and outright bigot it seems. No wonder the LSM is awfully quiet about this.

  • These photos have been around for a long time…at least 4 years. When I originally saw them, I had a choice and decided not to publish them…not my job, but the job of the MSM which obviously did NOTHING!

    • My point was the question about political party connection to Curtis, as I posted the “Christian and a Democrat” bumper sticker earlier. He obviously may have had other leanings. I also saw these when they first broke. Well, they broke on blogs, not in the media, but the fact that the President’s mother posed nude is not the issue, the issue is that Curtis tried to get the media to talk about it.

    • Ravage

      First of all even the blogger who came up with these photos not sure if they are real.. The MSM did nothing about fake photos that not one person alive can prove real? You should all be ashamed of yourself and the depths you are willing to sink to for the political ideals you hold so close… I see so much about radical islam and foreign radicals. Guess what? You are the American version of what you complain about!!

      • Ravage, I haven’t killed anyone, haven’t supported anyone or any ideology that has. Unfortunately for Curtis, he has done a lot of letter writing, if the stories are true and he loved to post photos of himself on Twitter. I didn’t do it. He did.

        You are the American version of big trouble. You are blind to what you are actually seeing.

  • I’m sorry, I’ve become sooooo cynical, I find it hard to believe much of anything anymore. Paul Kevin Curtis, the guy who (allegedly) sent Ricin to BHO and the MI pol also posted the info about BHO’s mother’s nude pics, seems just a little too odd, coincidental perhaps. If he really did send the Ricin (he thought it would get through to these men?) and posted her bare rear-end thinking it would get the MSM to move on this issue, maybe he is nuts.

    Sadly, the poster is spot on about the MSM covering for BHO. On the bright side, I do believe in your website…part of my daily must read rituals.

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  • Yos

    I recall, however, the fraudulent charges against the biologicals lab worker from SA. Name escapes me. Bush’s AJ should have been charged.

    • Yos, I remember that too and it was a terrible thing. In this case, they seem to have numerous previous letters written by him. I would hope they know the handwriting or word process is the same or from the same machine before doing what they’ve done. Anyone would say “I’m KC and I approve this message” to tie him to it, but hopefully, they know what they’re doing.

  • chillguy33

    I have seen some moderately convincing argument that these pictures were taken in Frank Marshall Davis’s apartment, fwiw. Davis was a close friend of Obama’s grandfather; and also a bisexual communist pedophile – the perfect mentor for a POTUS. I suspect you knew all this . . .

    • chillguy, I’ve seen the same. The only reason the pic is here in this post is to ponder whether the “Christian and Democrat” bumper sticker is real or is he a Democrat who is on the Republican side when it comes to some of Obama’s past.

  • Remember the early days of the administration when the press was fascinated with all the “unprecedented” things Obama was doing? I guess a president with a stripper for a mom was a bit too unprecedented?

    • She was not a stripper but a hooker. Obama Sr. was her pimp and he had her working the streets to support him.

      • Potateho, potahtho!

    • proof – the press didn’t care. They did care, however, that teenager Jenna Bush drove drunk or close to it – but his Mom, a big shot in the Ford Foundation, a woman who made a lot of money in her life and was paid to live in exotic places, a close associate of deviant Frank Marshall Davis, and his Mom who loved Muslim men – nope, no big deal.

      • Nan

        I thought the Bush girls were picked up for underage drinking/fake ID? Which is a huge scandal as no college kid would *ever* do that. My cousin was outraged that one of them got community service as she thought it was preferential treatment; it was the same type of sentence any first offender would get.