Obama Spent 47 Ten-Hour Workdays on Economy Since Elected Jan 2009

The Government Accountability Institute considers the President’s work week to be 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. Of those total work hours, he has spent an alarmingly small number of days on reviving our economy – 47.4 to be exact.


The GAI report, however, reveals Obama’s hours spent on the economy have fallen significantly since entering office. In 2009, Obama spent 187.2 hours in economic meetings; in 2010, 127.8 hours; in 2011, 73 hours; in 2012, 80.4 hours.

In total, the report says Obama has spent 474.4 hours (or 47.4 10-hour workdays) in economic meetings or briefings of any kind throughout his presidency…

GAI’s latest study is in alignment with findings from its presidential calendar analysis last July, which found Obama spending scant time on the economy. Prior results found that Obama spent an average of just 138 minutes a week in economic meetings of any kind. Source: Breitbart

As of February 13, 2013, Obama had played 115 rounds of golf according to this site. If you figure that 18 holes can be played in 2.5 hours if you are the President, with no one else on the course, and all the mulligans you want and then add 30 minutes from the White House to to golf course, totaling 3 hours per round (being very economical here), that comes to 345 hours playing golf, divided by 10 hours equals 34.5 working days spent on the golf course excluding lunch, having a beer and traveling to play with Tiger Woods, and remember the 115 rounds stops at February 13. If you count time on the basketball court…you know where I’m going with this.

From the growth of government, we can conclude that a considerable portion of those embarrassingly low 47 ten-hour workdays involved finding ways to hire government workers and expand welfare, because we know Democrats believe that “jobless benefits” are “economic stimulus.

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  • Be careful what you wish for, Maggie! If the economy is this bad after he worked on it for just 47 days, just think how bad it might be if he worked on it full time?

    • Indeed! We should be thankful that he is not spending so much time in the Oval Office. If only he would realize his true calling, and become a sports announcer or something.

    • But guess who has to pay for those vacations. I can’t afford 1 vacation, but they get dozens each year.

  • You’d think that with as much basketball time Obie would be a better shot…


    • If the laws of physics fawned over Obama as much as the MSM, Obie would have made 24 out of 22. (Two would have hit the floor and bounced back through the basket!)