Obama Eliminates Barriers to Health Privacy Laws by Executive Order

After the Senate defeat of gun sale background checks, Obama is using Executive Orders to fix the problem of states refusing to put their mentally ill into a federal system. We have to ask why we have an elected Congress. I am in favor of the mentally ill being denied the purchase of guns, however, I don’t want this administration determining who is mentally ill and who isn’t, and as we have seen with ObamaCare, we can’t trust the AMA or many of the medical tools who supported that obscene law. It’s always about money and this will be too, as you’ll see below that Obama is willing to pay for information.  If you are a Republican, I suggest you choose your doctor carefully. God help you if you are taking any kind of anti-depressive.


The Obama administration was starting a process Friday aimed at removing barriers in health privacy laws that prevent some states from reporting information to the background check system. The action comes two days after the Senate rejected a measure that would have required buyers of firearms online and at gun shows to pass a background check. That’s already required for shoppers at licensed gun dealers.

Stung by the defeat, Obama vowed to keep up the fight for the background check expansion but also to do what he could through executive action.

“Even without Congress, my administration will keep doing everything it can to protect more of our communities,” Obama said from the Rose Garden shortly after the Senate voted. “We’re going to address the barriers that prevent states from participating in the existing background check system.” Source: Fox News

We have laws on the books now, some of which threatened states with losing up to 5% of their federal crime fighting funding. This president is willing to pay bribe for turning in your mentally ill, although state’s reporting is up 800% since 2004.

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