Mike in Watertown Saw Dzhokhar Run Over Tamerlan After Tamerlan Was Shot by Police and Down

Opie and Anthony had “Mike in Watertown” on their radio show and “Mike in Waterton” tells exactly what happened. Police shot Tamerlan and he went down. As I wrote yesterday, Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau said Tamerlan got out of the car and started walking toward them, firing, and got within 5 feet to 10 feet. What he didn’t say is that Tamerlan fell to the pavement after being shot by police, but it’s not difficult to imagine that is what happened. There were multiple police on the scene. Then police were trying to cuff him (or something) and saw Dzhokhar speeding toward them at 60-80 miles an hour. Dzhokhar ran over his brother and killed him – driving 60-80 miles an hour – dragged him 30 feet right in front of Mike’s house. Mike said Tamerlan was a “mangled mess.” He said there was or is a pool of blood in front of his pickup truck, which authorities confiscated. STRONG (STRONG) LANGUAGE WARNING.


There is a story going around that police ran over Tamerlan and then shot him. We just don’t have enough conspiracies.

“Mike in Watertown” Saw Dzhokhar Run Over Tamerlan After Tamerlan Was Shot (video)

  • There were early reports from the hospital he had too many bullet wounds to count — there was also an early picture of the brother, he didn’t look that mangled —

    • I heard the “too many bullet wounds” report. “Mike,” later in the video said he really wasn’t that torn up, but looked like “all his bones were broken.” I think they believe he shot himself in the throat.

  • Opie Radio? I hope I never come accross another one of those. I have a few unprintable words for those guys.

    Doesn’t it seem just a little odd that there is this horrific shoot out. One bad guy gets out of the car and walks toward the police shooting and apparently planning suicide by cop.So far all very pausable. What is not plausable is that te cops come out from behind cover to cuff the bad guy while the other bad guy is still in the car and assumed to be armed to the teeth.

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