Jon Stewart: On CNN Women, Canine Dogs, Smoke and No One Knowing Anything (and Rupert Murdoch)

If you see nothing else, listen to Susan Candiotti at 5:30 into the video. Something very interesting on Rupert Murdoch and The New York Post: if you remember the photos of the two men who WERE NOT involved in the Boston Marathon bombings swirling around the InterWebs, the NY Post put the photo on its front page – a photo of two innocent men. This was the day before FBI released the photos and video of Brothers Tsarnaev. Stewart says Murdoch refused to apologize and Murdoch said the FBI gave them the photo in the first place. Anyone else hear any confirmation that the FBI released that photo?

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart




Jon Stewart Pokes CNN and their Female Reporters, Canine Dogs and Rupert Murdoch (video)

  • Geo

    Maggie, I remember listening to Fox News and some of their reporters who were saying that “officials” had shown them, or provided photos of two suspects. One of the Reporters was Rick Levanthal, who I totally trust. As they were announcing possession of these, they were also saying they were not showing/releasing them to the public. Evidently Fox or the officials weren’t. So why were they handing them out for?

    I thought at the time it was very strange. I never heard of a Reporter having been fed information not releasing it. Earlier the Fox affiliate in Atlanta was “fed” pictures of the pressure cooker remnants and leftovers of the backpack. I believe they had it exclusively.

    Saturday night as O’Reilly was passing the coverage over to Shep Smith, Shep made a passing comment about being “fed” false pictures of suspects by officials as he lectured B’ore about jumping to conclusions. He was really yanked out of shape over it. I believe it was the next morning the NY Post had the pictures on their front pages [not sure if they were the same though].