Jim Duggan Cabby Had Tsarnaevs in Cab With Backpack Weighing 20 Pounds

Massachusetts Cabby Jim Duggan says he “nearly drove off” with the Tsarnaev’s “bombs in his trunk” on the night before the attack. Duggan said the brothers flagged him down April 14 outside a rapid transit station in the Boston suburb of Malden. He drove them to Cambridge. He said they gave him a $2 tip on the $38 fare. He started to drive away, prompting Tamerlan to angrily bang on his car and scream. Duggan stopped and removed one of the backpacks from his trunk.

Remnants of Boston Marathon Pressure Cooker Bomb

Remnants of Boston Marathon Pressure Cooker Bomb

“I said to them, ‘That’s the most packed backpack I ever picked up,’ ” said Duggan, estimating the bag weighed about 20 pounds.

Since the close encounter, Duggan said he’s thought of the pain that could have been avoided had he just kept driving. He’s also haunted by the small talk he tried to engage the brothers in. “I said if you have the time, maybe you would want to check out the Boston Marathon,” Duggan recalled. Source: NY Daily News

From what I’ve read, the bombers had to have a sophisticated knowledge of bomb making, as it isn’t an easy thing to build pressure cookers bombs that can be toted so cavalierly.

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