Illegal Aliens: Claim Nephews Nieces Living in Mexico – Getting ‘Additional Child Tax Credit’ – $4B Annually

How sweet is it to be an illegal alien in the U.S. claiming 9 nephews in Mexico under the U.S.’Additional Child Tax Credit’ provision and getting back over $11,000 from Uncle Sam? Not just an isolated situation. It is massive tax fraud happening now. $4 BILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR is what this scam costs the American Taxpayer – EVERY YEAR! This minute, 2 MILLION illegals are engaging in this scam. We know this is happening, thanks to the whistleblower in the video, who is an accountant and has stacks of returns to show you, and confirmation from Russell George, a U.S. Treasury Inspector General.

Courtesy of Baloos Cartoons

Courtesy of Baloos Cartoons

This is something Marco Rubio and every elected official should sink his/her teeth into. The IRS knows about the problem, doesn’t care, refuses to do a thing about it. Remember, in the video you hear from Russell George, from the U.S. Treasury for gosh sakes! There is much more in the video you need to know about. Pure evil. Thanks to Always on Watch Asylum Watch and Baloos Cartoons

Illegals in U.S. Claiming Nieces and Nephews on U.S. tax returns and receiving double-digit-thousands back from IRS (video)

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  • Fran Boscow

    This is an absolute outrage!

  • And some people want us to believe that the illegals are here to take the jobs Americans won’t do. They are takig a lot more than jobs, aren’t they?