If Your Name is Misspelled on Your Airline Ticket You Can’t Be Tracked – Passports Not Important?

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

From Senator Lindsey Graham, ridiculous news that the FBI didn’t know about Tamerlan’s trip to Russia because the airline misspelled his name? What about his passport? He surely had one as Tamerlan Tsarnaev is a permanent U.S. citizen via a Green Card. Do we not check who is coming in and out of the U.S. via stamped passports? If not, why require one?

I cannot travel inside the U.S. without giving the airline the exact name on my passport and that name is checked with my ticket using my passport and/or driver’s license when I get to the ticket counter.

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) is asking if Tamerlan traveled under an alias? Senator Lindsey Graham thinks the FBI did a swell job after Russia asked them to check-into Tamerlan. He blames Russia for not responding back when the FBI asked if they had additional information, sometime back in 2010 or 2011. Well, what about the report that Russia once again, after Tamerlan returned to the U.S. in mid-2012, asked the U.S. to investigate because Tamerlan met with Islamic militants at least 6 times while in Russia, Dagestan or Checknya? What about that? What about Russia saying the FBI did not respond in any way after the second request.

  • Well, Maggie, we wouldn’t want to look to close at a Muslim. That might be construed as profiling. But, we do make the elderly take off their diapers at airport security. Do you feel safer?

    • Jim at Asylum Watch, that’s a terrible truth.

  • Geo

    I’d like to know how the hell these people were given political asylum and yet returned to the area on visits so much. What were they trying to escape, if they returned there so much? Both the Father and Mother appear to be living there [for how long, I don’t know] right now. The oldest son returned there.

    Our Intel Agencies get tipped off by the Russians to check this guy out. They interview him and give him a pass. By what means was he supporting himself and his wife and child? Able to pay for trips back home…..how? No investigation about any internet tracking or posts?

    After spending trillions of dollars on security and intelligence improvements since September 2001, all that it takes to elude the system is to “misspell” your name? Really? As Maggie points out, what about his Passport?

    This situation doesn’t give me the warm, fuzzy feeling.

    • Geo, none of it makes sense. I think the parents have been gone for close to years. The Dad is an attorney and could only work as a car mechanic here (mean ole America). I saw him in a video saying he had to go home so that he could pay for Dzho’s schooling, and then he outlined everything the U.S. was paying for, including the dorm – but he lived in an apartment, not a dorm.

  • That’s a load of bs. If your name is misspelled you cannot board a plane. They will pull you out of line and question you.

    I believe that Tamerlan traveled to Russia on a fake passport. Possibly a fake American passport. That way his name was the same on both documents.

    • findalis, I think it’s BS too but that’s their story and Lindsey Graham is helping them spread it around.

  • Maggie:the older brother did not have a US passport, a green card is only a green card for internal US use; but he would have needed a passport of some kind and a visa to travel to Russia, or else a Russian passport. You can’t travel to Russia without a passport, and there are in fact very few countries in the world where an American can go without one. Whatever the case, there would have been a notation of the origin of passport and number, even if the name was written wrong. The FBI story stinks of a cover-up. I don’t believe they did a thorough investigation and for sure they didn’t continue to surveill him.

    More treachery from our government.

  • Norma, listening to a television conversation this morning I realized he might not have a passport, but he has to have something. He was a permanent legal U.S. citizen. I believe nothing the FBI says now, and it breaks my heart. There is no way they would tell the truth about foreign involvement or U.S. cells, after they dropped two of their own bombs by not doing anything about Tamerlan. We have no way no way to know the truth. I believe they knew him, but this administration would not allow real surveillance, in fact I have an article going up about this. Liars. They are freaking liars, and I am so disappointed in Robert Muller.

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