Glenn Beck Says Saudi National Bad Bad Bad Man – If Gov’t Doesn’t Come Clean Beck Will Expose it Monday 4/22/13

Glenn Beck believes there is a “false flag” problem within the Boston Marathon bombings.  He believes Abdul al-Harbi, the Saudi National underguard at a hospital right after the bombings is a “bad, bad, bad man,” and somehow is involved in whatever conspiracy Beck is referring to. A very short time after the bombings we heard the Saudi National was under guard. Then we heard that he had been cleared of everything. Then we heard he is scheduled for deportation. Beck says if the government doesn’t come clean with the truth, he (The Blaze) will expose everything he knows. Sigh.

This man is reportedly Abdul Rahman Ali-Alharbi, the Saudi National held at a Boston hospital immediately after the Boston Bombings.

This man is reportedly Abdul Rahman Ali-Alharbi, the Saudi National held at a Boston hospital immediately after the Boston Bombings.

Can I believe al-Harbi had something to do with the bombings? Yes.

Do I believe it? Haven’t a clue.

Is it odd that Secretary of State John Kerry AND Barack Obama met with vile Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal the day after the bombings, and wah-la, al-Harbi was no longer of interest? Not odd – this is the Obama administration.

Could the meetings demonstrate that the government is helping the Saudi’s out of a compromising situation? Sure could.

Can I believe Michelle Obama visited al-Harbi in the hospital. Yes.

Did she? Don’t know but several are reporting that she did. Here’s a translation and guess what, the lucky guy had his groin beautified!

Visited Michelle Obama denied U.S. President yesterday with the Saudis in the bombing of Boston, Abdulrahman Ali Issa Salimi Harbi and Noura Khaled Saleh Ajaji in the hospital to check on حالتيهما Asahatin. 
were conducted yesterday surgery a third of the student Nora Ajaji to renovate and beautify the groin area, above the knee directly, to address the damage skin caused by shrapnel, and removed part of it. This represents the process the third phase within the treatment plan for عجاجي, where she focused first phase to sterilize wounds, and the second to heal Cj caused by shards of glass, while confirming the medical reports issued by the hospital yesterday integrity of bones of the knee and thigh completely. 
was Ajaji student master’s degree in Medicine and Cosmetic Dentistry, was hit by flying glass fragments glasses shop in the ‘Colby’, were close to him during the Boston Marathon bombings, which resulted in creation encouraged in the groin area. Source: Okaz (Thanks to Walid Shoebat)

Janet Napolitano said she had no knowledge of al-Harbi being deported. Then rumors swirled that another Saudi National was slated for deportation due to terrorist ties, but not al-Harbi.

I believe this story is the forerunner to whatever Beck plans to do Monday and you’ll also find links to al-Harbi’s terrorist-connected family.

Glenn Beck on a very “bad, bad man and a government conspiracy (video)
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