Free Phones for Americans Living in Dangerous Border Areas – The Marco Phone: Available for Illegals Too?

As most of you know who read here know, I am against any “immigration” bill coming to the floor of either Chamber until the border has been secured for at least three years. Fix the border then write the legislation. As the fence is being built, along with other measures, we should should show that the Rule of Law is still sacred in the U.S. and follow that law to make our country safer. Having said all that, I am reading that the 844-page “immigration reform bill” from the “Gang of 8,” contains a provision to provide cell phones (taxpayer paid) for those living near or working in dangerous border areas, and particularly where cell-phone reception is not adequate. As I skimmed the information, I reached a quick conclusion that the reason for the phone is to offer emergency communication to Americans who have been betrayed by a government allowing these areas to no longer be sovereign American soil.

Homeland Security's Secure Border

Homeland Security’s Secure Border


Remember that property owners cannot sell their property in these dangerous place, must be extremely cautious when they step foot outside, and are put on trial if they do anything the U.S. Department of Justice deems the mistreatment of illegals who are freely prowling their property.

But apparently there is more to it than protecting “Americans.”

From Javier Manjarres at The Shark Tank:

According to the newly filed bill, immigrants who are allowed to enter the United States under a work visa, will be ‘granted’ a taxpayer funded cellular phone. Move over “Obama phone,” we present the new ‘Hola, Como Estas?!’ MarcoPhone

You would think that the government agency where these immigrants initially applied for their guest worker visa, was already situated in an urban environment with adequate cell phone service, right?  Something tells me that these quest workers will not be taking a short cut through the  the ‘cell phone signal-less’desert to get to and from work.

Update-According to some politicos involved with helping craft this bill, the phones in question are for ranchers and locals that can prove they reside along the border. It is obvious that immigrants are also afforded this privilege, since many of them live and work along the border. Why else would it be in an immigration reform bill? And why are taxpayers asked to flip the bill?

Update Numero Dos

Rubio told Laura Ingraham that the reported “MarcoPhone” was “not for the illegal immigrant,” but ” for the US citizens and residents who live along the border.” But according to the legislation that he helped write,  those “residing” along the border are not identified as being U.S. Citizens or even U.S. residents. So what’s ‘it going to be, Marco?

The following is the wording in the legislation (Breitbart).


(1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary, in consultation with the governors of the States in the South- west Border region, shall establish a 2-year grant program, to be administered by the Secretary, to im- prove emergency communications in the Southwest Border region.

(2) ELIGIBILITY FOR GRANTS.—An individual is eligible to receive a grant under this subsection if the individual demonstrates that he or she—
(A) regularly resides or works in the Southwest Border region;

(B) is at greater risk of border violence due to the lack of cellular service at his or her residence or business and his or her proximity to the Southern border.

(3) USE OF GRANTS.—Grants awarded under
this subsection may be used to purchase satellite telephone communications systems and service that—
(A) can provide access to 9–1–1 service; and

(B) are equipped with global positioning systems.
(4) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.— There is authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to carry out the grant program established under this subsection.

“Unintended” consequences of the continued sloppily-and-dangerously-written legislation that we are routinely bombarded with, or “intended?” Tell me how the Senate fails to distinguish in clear language,  that illegals working or living the border are exempt from receiving free phones?

I believe Americans living in these areas need all the help they can get, and just as I am fine with my tax monies being used to incarcerate vile persons, I am fine with cell phones for Americans who want the border secured but must live with the lawlessness that rules the area. I’m not fine with providing a phone those who have lobbied for illegals because they want to hire illegals. I’m not for providing a phone to an illegal “on the path to citizenship.”

The bottom line of the problem the Gang of 8 has presented is that they insist they will have verification that the border is “secure.” Who will they trust? Janet Napolitano and John Morton at ICE? Apparently so.

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