Death Photo of Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Hospital Denies They Took It or Leaked It

The roiling question: Did Allah clean-up Sunni-Muslim terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev before he met his 72 virgins?

Alleged to be Tamerlan Tsarnaev post-mortem.

Alleged to be Tamerlan Tsarnaev post-mortem.

The photo’s online origin (as far as I know) is Smoking Gun. I found it at Mediate. The blurred area reportedly covers a large gash in Tamerlan’s side. It appears he died with all limbs still connected. Pity.

The hospital denies they took the photo and/or leaked it (Smoking Gun).

In an interview, Dr. Richard Wolfe, chief of the hospital’s emergency medicine department, said that he had seen the photo, but stressed that the image “was not taken during the medical procedures or when the medical team had control of the body.”

While Wolfe said that he would be greatly concerned “if it was a health care provider,” he flatly added that, at no point, did hospital staffers photograph Tsarnaev’s body.

Wolfe said that after Tsarnaev was pronounced dead, his body was moved to a “non-clinical area” where custody of the corpse was turned over to law enforcement officials.

Mediate reports that Tamerlan was pronounced dead at 1:35 am EDT Friday morning at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. View a photo of brother Dzhokhar walking behind at least one of those killed in the bombings, namely young Martin Richard. Bill Hemmer of Fox News said law enforcement told him that they have photo (or video?) of Dzhokhar placing the bomb close by the Richard family.


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