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This is another of my favorites (and another I belt out in the car) from The Maranantha Singers – just wish that it sounded as good here as it does on my home system. I hope you enjoy Come, Now Is The Time To Worship.


From my favorite Christian blogger, Carl Middleton, after a terrifying week, after the sadness of the dead and maimed in Boston, and the dead and injured in the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion, he reminds us to “Add to Your Faith.” How many times has God been beseeched this week? How can these terrible things happen? Why did it happen to me and mine? How can I live through it. How can I help those who did?

I wasn’t involved in either of these heart-breaking tragedies, and do not know any one who was, nevertheless, I’ve asked these questions and frankly, felt despair as I fully understand I might be able to help in some very small way, but can and could not have done anything to stop either.

“And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith …” What? I’ve got to think about that for a minute. “Add to my faith?” How? Humm … Peter isn’t saying to add more faith to the faith we have. God gave us the measure of faith when we were born again, when we accepted Jesus as our Savior and Lord. So what are we to add to our faith?

In Carl’s study this week he does not reference either the bombings or the accident in Texas and is not trying to answer the questions I posed, so it is I who tied the two together, as I can’t seem to think about anything that doesn’t include these life-altering events for so many.

Carl is talking about a much more complex matter but one over which we do have control – things like having “patience” and “Godliness” in our lives so that we will be “fruitful” and “never fall.” So many need the comfort of the fruit we are expected to bear and will need it for years – perhaps the rest of their lives, just as our wounded soldiers need the same.

I don’t know about you, but here I am, unhurt, healthy, my family alive and healthy, but very sad just thinking about the overwhelming future problems for those who will live with such difficult injuries or without their loved ones. Maybe the most I can do is pray that they will be prompted to add to their faith to get them through. I hope you will visit Carl’s column, and be encouraged by it.

Maranantha Singers: Come, Now Is The Time to Worship (video)
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  • Excellent. Needed this this morning.

    • Politijim, thanks. I know that feeling.

  • Maggie … Whether it’s a good day or a bad day as it was in Boston … it’s always time to worship. Yes, God is to be thanked and worshiped when all is well, but the real reason to “worship” Him is because of WHO HE IS, not what He does for you. Someday we will see Him as He truly is … a God who can only love His creation. He proved that through His Son Jesus.

    I’m not commenting to you Maggie because you already know this … but to those who question why God allowed evil to come to good people. It’s called the “free will” of both good and bad people. Sorry, I didn’t intend to preach. I just don’t want people to blame God for evil. God is never the author of sin or evil. God is good all the time. And I will praise Him all the time.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent.

    • Carl, You didn’t preach. You and I always discuss. I know that many of those effected were asking those questions, the kinds that hurting and grieving humans ask when things are so horrible, and your column was perfect. May they add to their faith to get them through.

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