Brothers Tsarnaev Planned to Use a Pressure Cooker Bomb on Times Square

The man whose car was car-jacked by the Brothers Tsarnaev said the two terrorists told him they were going to “party” in New York. Now we have a press conference coming up shortly said to reveal that the plan was to bomb New York City’s Time Square and the information allegedly came directly from surviving terrorist, Dzhokhar The Child Killer.

Times Square, New York City

Times Square, New York City

During later questioning, Dzhokhar revealed that they had talked about detonating all their remaining explosives in Times Square,MSNBC reports. But officials consider this more of a half-baked idea than a full-fledged plot, calling it “aspirational at most.” The revelation apparently came right before Dzhokhar was read his rights—then went silent. Source: Newser

Now that we know what these men were capable of, why would authorities consider bombing Times Square “half-baked?” At the time the comment about “partying” in New York was made, the Tsarnaev’s had bombed the Marathon, killed an MIT policeman, stolen an Escalade SUV and took the driver hostage, and toted a pressure cooker bomb along with other explosives. No reason not to expect them to dump the SUV and steal another, and no reason to think a terrorist would believe their jihad on another site not possible. They surely knew it was over for them but their plan could have worked and shame on officials for trying to tamp down a statement made by Suspect Two Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

UPDATE: 1:07 pm CDT: Megyn Kelly just said that the Brothers Tsarnaev had 6 explosive devices they could have used elsewhere.