Ongoing Updates – Boston Marathon: Explosions Near Finish Line: Heard Oh My God They’re Dead

ONGOING UPDATES: Just watching Shep Smith with live feed from the Boston Marathon where apparently two large explosions have occurred close to a hotel at the finish line at about 3pm EDT. A man was heard live, saying “Oh My God, they’re dead”. Area of Copley Square. On going updates as information becomes available. TIP LINE CALL 1-800-494-TIPS

UPDATE 4-16-13 @ 10:17 CDT: One thing we know this morning, the New York Post article quoted below was thankfully incorrect. Three are reported dead with over 100 injuries. This morning’s news also reports that the only explosive devices found were the two that detonated in Boston.

Update 6:27 pm CDT: Naval bomb disposal unit on it’s way to Boston. Fox’s Jonathan Hunt saying they will search the entire 26 mile route of the marathon. Was the JFK Library on the route?

Update 6:15 pm CDT: While the NY Post is reporting 12 dead and 50 injured, Fox News is still saying 2 confirmed dead and now reporting 26 injured – 2 critical.

Update 5:15 pm CDT: New York Post reporting 12 dead, 50 injured.

Update 5:14 pm CDT: Obama says we will find out who is responsible for the Boston Bombing and bring them to justice (I suppose just like we did at Benghazi)

Update 5:10 pm CDT: Shrapnel reported involved in at least one of the bombings.

Update 5:00 pm CDT: Saudi National suspect held at hospital by police.

Investigators have a suspect — a Saudi Arabian national — in the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, The Post has learned.

Law enforcement sources said the 20-year-old suspect was under guard at an undisclosed Boston hospital.

Fox News reported that the suspect suffered severe burns.

It was not immediately clear why the man was hospitalized and whether he was injured in the attack or in his apprehension.

The man was caught less than two hours after the 2:50 p.m. bombing on the finish line of the race, in the heart of Boston. Source: NYPost

Update 3:58 pm CDT: Fire chief now saying there was a “controlled explosion,” but apparently isn’t know if the device was explosive. At this time “we have not found another device on Boylston Street.” No known injuries at JFK Library known right now. Another Fire Dept briefing at 7 pm EDT.

Update 3:56 pm CDT: Gov Deval Patrick – stay out of crowds. Go home. Use the tip line if you saw anything. 1-800-494-TIPS

Update 3:53 pm CDT: IF YOU SAW ANYTHING call 1-800-494-TIPS. This man from the Boston Fire Department says no other devices have been found, so perhaps the news of two additional devices being dismantled were erroneous.

Update 3:48 pm CDT: Live Now from Boston Fire Dept. – Explosions happened at 2:50 pm EST – multiple casualities. All victims removed from scene. Third explosion at JFK Library – unknown if incidents are related. Telling people to stay home or in hotel rooms. Do not congregate in large crowds.

Update 3:48 pm CDT: Cavuto confirming that there has been an explosion at the JFK Library near Boston. High alerts happening in major cities.

Update 3:37 pm CDT: Cavuto – A “SUSPECT” in Boston has been “id’ed’ and is being guarded in a hospital.

Update 3:35 pm CDT: Cavuto saying area directly outside the White House was cordoned off and inaccessible, immediately as news broke of the Boston explosions.

Update 3:33 pm CDT: Reminder that it’s Patriot’s Day in Boston and the Red Sox playing. Former Senator Scott Brown saying Mandarin and Lenox hotels have been evacuated.

Update 3:30 pm CDT: Cavuto – federal source says there has been an explosion at the JFK Library in Dorcester in Boston area.

Update 3:24 pm CDT: Cavuto saying two additional devices are being dismantled on the scene right now.

Update 3:21 pm CDT:  FAA has issued a temporary flight restriction over the area.

Update 3:18 pm CDT: second video below is raw data with police and rescuers climbing over scaffording to get to injured. You can hear people calling for help.

Update: 3:13 pm CDT: raw video added below of the actual explosions.

Update 3:06 pm CDT: Neal Cavuto now on saying new numbers – 2 dead and 22 injured. Other cities beefing up security.

Update 3pm CDT: Shep Smith reported Massachusetts General saying ten people were amputees and in surgery with more coming in.

Update 2:58 pm CDT: From Twitchy: 

Fenway Patch editor at  says Boston Police telling people to stay off phones, as they could trigger more bombs.

Update 2:54 pm CDT: Shep Smith confirming 3 dead, 30 injured.

Update 2:49 pm CDT: Note, today is the anniversary of Reagan’s bombing of Libya in 1986.

Update 2:49 pm CDT: Shep Smith saying someone found a shot gun pellet in a pocket.

Update 2:45 pm CDT: Boston Herald – Shep Smith reading: two explosions – the first was beyond the finish line. Behind me a loud bang near Abe and Louies. “someone’s leg flew by my head.”  You could feel the rush of wind from the blast.

Update 2:45 pm CDT: Sky News showing footage of explosions on two sides of the street. Camera panning from one side of the street to the other shown on Sky News footage.

Update 2:44 pm CDT: Phone lines and websites down and/over jammed

Update 2:41 pm CDT: Shep Smith saying it appears two or three explosions coming from different places – fairly confident that at least two separate explosions, and so this is not a gas line explosion but something planted. The Lenox Hotel is opposite where one of the explosions took place and the hotel is being evacuated.

Update 2:35 pm CDT: Other cities on alert – especially NYC. Counter-terrorism vehicles being dispatched now near high-profile places.

Update 2:34 pm CDT: From Fox as heard on police scanners: Police are asking all bomb squad personnel to report to the area and all is under evacuated. Bomb-sniffing dogs are being brought to the area.

Update 2:32 pm CDT: WGBH reporter Emily Rooney on with Shep Smith saying things are still chaotic – another sound heard about 15 minutes ago. Rooney believes there are ongoing searches for other devices (my word, can’t recall her’s). Everyone hoping this is an accident.

Update 2:29 pm CDT: Thirty persons injured according to a reporter, some dead, some missing limbs. Shep Smith is reporting three dead – confirmed by authorities. Shep is saying there are reports of “devices” near the area. Shep Smith is saying he saw people who lost limbs and reorts of 3 dead continuing and seen on the screen.

Update 2:26 pm CDT: The explosions happened about 3 hours after the winners crossed the finish line. Fox reporter in Boson saying this happened at the Jumbotron, on the left side of a building near the Boston Library. This happened on the runner’s left side. Areas packed with people – 10 deep on sideline waiting for loved ones. Appears the explosion happened NOT ON THE GROUND FLOOR, but in the middle of a building. Could see the plume of smoke coming from the upper part or middle of a building.

Update 2:22 pm CDT: Windows blown out of some building according to witnesses. Eyewitneess saying two or three are dead. Details early and reports NOT FROM AUTHORITIES. Shep Smith is saying that windows are blown out, but not a lot of structural damage done, and injured were from behind the windows.

Update 2:19 pm CDT: Watching live on Fox – The entire area near 617 Boylston St. is on lockdown. People being transported by wheelchair. People running every which way.

Update 2:16 pm CDT:

“Crews were sent to 617 Boylston St. at about 2:30 p.m. Witnesses said several victims lost limbs, and the area was being evacuated.

Many of the injured appeared to be spectators who gathered for the 117th running of the race.

NewsCenter 5’s Sean Kelly said the blasts happened across the street from the Lenox Hotel.” Source: WCBV 

Raw video

Police and Rescuers trying to get to people calling for help.

  • 3 are dead so far. Reports of one explosion coming from a building and the second from a trash can. This is a TERROR ATTACK. Welcome to Israel.

  • Geo

    Watching a event like this one today, and listening to the natural reaction of those caught up in it, it’s hard to imagine how any person could live under the daily threat of occurrences like these. It’s hard to fathom how the citizens of Israel do it and have lived under threats like this for decades.

    • In Israel everyone’s bags would have been searched, the people would have been searched, the area would have been locked down 72 hours before the event.

      Israelis do this for security. They live with it for security. Are we willing to do this too?