Boston Chaos: Bomb Threat at Courthouse – Brigham and Women’s Hospital Evacuated

As a frenzy of press gathered outside the Boston Moakley Federal Courthouse expecting to hear that the Marathon Bomber had been identified and perhaps arrested, word came down that all of the above was untrue. The press remained rooted. Then…people from inside the courthouse came running outside – evacuating the building and authorities pushed the press back. There was a report that a van came screaming by with a law officer hanging onto the outside, and that the Brigham and Women’s Hospital was also evacuated – one of the hospitals where bombing victims were taken yesterday. Take a look at the photo below and what is going on at the bombing site on Boylston Street.

Boston Marathon Investigation in Copley Square

Boston Marathon Investigation in Copley Square

Scores of people could be seen leaving the building. No further details were immediately available.

“Get away from the building. I can’t stress this enough, people,” a uniformed law enforcement official yelled at the crowd. Source: Yahoo News

At 3:19 pm CBS Boston reported there was a bomb threat at the Courthouse and a reporter said authorities inside were referring to it a “code red.” Still no word if the Courthouse has been declared bombless.

Drudge was reporting that a hospital, presumably nearby, was evacuated.

The Associated Press first reported at about 2 p.m. that a suspect had been “taken into custody” and was “expected in federal court” on the South Boston waterfront, where a crowd of spectators and representatives of news organizations quickly gathered. AP did not name the source of the information. CNN followed with a tweet saying “arrest made” in the case.

The Globe, which had earlier reported that authorities were “very close” to a breakthrough in the case after obtaining images of a suspect at the second bombing site carrying a black bag, later posted a story saying that a suspect was in custody.

That information was attributed to an official with knowledge of the case. As officials publicly disputed the reports, CNN backed off its story at 3:14 p.m., quoting a law enforcement official saying “significant progress” had been made. The AP tweeted and the Globe published the public denials of initial reports. Source:

An FBI presser is scheduled for 5 pm EDT.