Bill Clinton At Bush Library Dedication: Did You Hear The One About Rewriting History?

The talk about the George W. Bush Library dedication yesterday is all about Jimmy Carter and how gracious he was, and how Bill Clinton adopted Barbara Bush as his mother and is the “Black Sheep Son” of the Bush family. I saw something quite different. When Clinton stepped to the microphone, after mentioning everyone’s name (and with Hillary looking on adoringly) he said this:

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton

“…all the representatives, the other previous Presidents, Ford, Nixon, Johnson families, I told President Obama that this was the latest, grandest example of the eternal struggle of former President’s to rewrite history…” ~ Bill Clinton

Staggering rudeness from a man who undoubtedly had to do a lot of that, although Monica Lewinsky is apparently mentioned in the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor under a section titled “The Fight for Power” where Ken Starr’s name comes up. I haven’t visited but I doubt there are many details, such as Arafat hanging out in the White House Rose Garden while Monica did what she did with the cigar and Bill did some kind of imitation.

From there the term “vast right wing conspiracy” was born, and we remembered the Gennifer Flowers scandal from Bill’s days as Arkansas Governor. When that story broke during the presidential campaign, Hillary declared she might be standing by her man, but she wasn’t Tammy Wynette, and had famously demeaned every woman who baked cookies. I’m betting you won’t find any of those very public events in the Clinton Library and Massage parlor and all were huge news events.

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton

“From my perspective, this is part of the continuing political campaign against my husband… I mean, look at the very people who are involved in this. They have popped up in other settings. The great story here for anybody willing to find it, write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president.” ~ Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

It was obnoxious enough that Bill Clinton made history by inviting a known terrorist, Yasser Arafat, to the White House, more “than any other international political figure.” That’s one small step (in the wrong direction) for diplomacy, one giant step for Islamic terrorism.

However, there is one thing I thought admirable in Clinton’s speech. Twice he referred to how the Bush Library (in some way) encourages visitors to think about whether they would have made the same decisions Bush made. In his closing remarks, Clinton said:

“We are here to celebrate a country we all love, a service we all rendered, and debate, a difference is an important part of every free society. By asking us to join him in the decisions he made and inviting us to make different ones if we choose, he has honored that deepest American tradition….” ~ Bill Clinton

I don’t know how visitors join in the discussion of Bush’s decisions, but I do know one thing, we won’t have that opportunity in Obama’s Presidential Library.

To funny to pass up: Top Ten Features at the New Bill Clinton Presidential Library (click here to see Top 5)

10. Tomb of the Unknown Hooker

9. National Registry of Historic Stains

8. Reflecting pool filled with gravy

7. Library gift shop called, “The Bill and Hill’s Marriage of Convenience Store”

6. The “Look at All the Expensive Crap We Stole Before We Left the White House” Annex

Here’s the video, and the remark about rewriting history is at the beginning.

Bill Clinton: “latest grandest example of the external struggle of President’s to rewrite history”(video)
Thanks to BrokenCountry for the first Bill/Hill graphic

Read Former President George W. Bush’s remarks at the Library dedication here.

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