Best Story: Kelli Atteya Dons Burqa Saves Kidnapped Son in Egypt

Think of the courage this took, although had this happened to my son, I also would not be concerned about my own welfare. A Pennsylvania Mom traveled to Egypt several times and followed her son to learn his routine. At some point he recognized her, and she said he turned pale.

Kelli Atteya and son Niko

Kelli Atteya and son Niko

Kalli Atteya, from Pennsylvania, put on the traditional Muslim clothing as a disguise so she could wait until 12-year-old Niko got off the school bus in the city of Alexandria.

She then grabbed his arm and moved him towards a waiting motorized cart with the words: ‘Get in.’

The boy recognized his mother by her blue eyes which peered out of a slit in the burka and without saying a word did as he was told.

The pair were taken to a safe house where they waited three weeks before returning to the U.S. as they were so paranoid the boys’ father Mohamed Atteya, who is wanted by the American authorities, would find them.

The daring rescue brought an end to Niko’s 20-month ordeal during which time his father ‘forced me to live as a Muslim, which I did not want to do,’ he said.

It also cost his mother some $100,000 and countless hours, false leads and false hopes.

The story dates back to 1999 when Miss Atteya married Mr Atteya and they settled down in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Read more at DailyMail

This is what any American Mom would do if she could, and what most any Islamist Dad would do to cause the Mom to be so brave and determined. What a wonderful story! HatTip The Jawa Report

  • She could have saved herself all this money and heartache if she didn’t marry a foreigner.

  • montanaconserv

    Kudos to the mom for being strong and brave. And for not just sitting at home wringing her hands saying, ‘woe is me’…