Are We Letting a Terrorist’s Parents Back into the U.S? A Hidden Life of Hate

Apparently we are. The father thinks his son is a “true angel,” but forgot to add that he turned out to be an angel of death. The father also said if we killed Dzhokhar, “all hell will break loose.” That’s a threat. This report says the parents who spawned Dzhokhar and Tamerlan are not certain they can get back into the country. Other reports say they are arriving on Friday. They have American passports. The video also concludes that these men lived a hidden life of hate. Note that the video asks how the Tsarnaev’s became radicalized. I have the answer.

Angel of Death

Angel of Death

Seriously, are we going to let these people back in this country? Remember, the mother stole $1600 worth of clothing from Lord and Taylor. They should never step foot here again.

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