Al Gore Sued by 30,000 Scientists for Global Warming Fraud Video

John Coleman – nowhere for dissenting scientists to be heard – except…maybe…in a court of law. No chance for a debate with those supporting global warming. There are 30,000 scientists including 9,000 PhDs who have signed up to debunk global warming. CNN won’t put these people on the air, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC – no way. This group of dissenters are told there is no debate. A lawsuit against Gore for fraud is the next step. UPDATE  12:35 pm CDT: A reader has pointed out this video is from 2008 and he is correct. I have reported it before but failed to look at the date, and as it was Greg Gutfeld on the video, thought it was current. I found a link somewhere this morning, so perhaps a lawsuit is actually happening, but I don’t know, so my apologies if this is old, dead news. It is a reminder that many are disputing Gore’s claims and cannot get the information out.

Al Gore

Al Gore

John Coleman with Greg Gutfeld on Bebunking Global Warming (video)

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  • Go get that liar!

  • Ken

    Well, since the media refuses to tell the truth if the truth doesn’t support their agenda, the obvious next step would be the court. It would, of course, take a special sort of reporter to go that route. I salute these scientists with the bravery to stand before a judge and jury to get the truth out.
    These are American Patriots and nothing less. Thank You, all of you!!

  • Isaiah J Roberts

    Look down at your calendar. Then look up at this post. Look down at your calendar, then search “al gore sued scientists”.

    Turns out, he was never sued and this has been circulating for a number of years.

    • Isaiah J Roberts, You’re right. My apologies. I have reported this story before, found someting about it online this morning and since it was Greg Gutfeld, I thought it was current. Perhaps this group is actually getting to court. I don’t know. Thinks for the heads-up. BTW, I updated the post.

      • Isaiah J Roberts

        Not at all! Based upon my research, 30k scientists DID sign a petition against the theory of global warming, and it seems that the internet rumor mill churned up the story that they actually sued Gore… Probably because of all the other lawsuits 😉

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  • bobmontgomery

    Well, if this is the lawsuit the shoulda been, there is another story that shoulda been. And that is the mass resignation of scientists from their professional societies. Hasn’t happened. There have been a few here and there, maybe one or two high-profile. But those didn’t get much play, either.
    Same sad story as the lack of resignations of high-ranking military professionals in protest of what is happening to THEIR profession. Ain’t happening. I suppose the scientists live in fear of reprisals from not only the societies but also the Universities and the Government they work for. Dittos for the military chiefs.

  • Well the sumbitch Gore should be sued, he’s a fool, among other things.
    What I posted on U Tube Video:
    by Lizzie Borden 1 second ago

    There is no proven data on the fraud of Global Warming, what a scam! Gore’s Global Warming is a ponzi scheme supported by his pay pal politicians, the evil UN, environmentally ill people in the Obama Regime to drain the American economy to their advantage. Gore and all the rest of these greedy rat finks will be breathing fire throughout eternity. That will warm them up, hahaha GOOD ENOUGH!

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  • It’s agenda 21, folks. fight it while you still can!