Why Would Syria’s Assad Use An Iranian Revolutionary Guard as Head of Presidential Security? And Is Assad Dead?

Reports are circulating today that Bashir Assad, Syria’s president was shot by one of his own guards – well maybe not his own, but a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, “in

Bashir Assad, President of Syria

Bashir Assad, President of Syria

charge of presidential security.” If this is true, Assad is definitely in a bad way, whether shot/dead/wounded or none of the above. If he has to have a Shia guard his Sunni rear-end rather than his own country men, he is not long for this world. Israel Matzav is reporting Assad may be hospitalized and in the  twilight zone between life and death.

Update: His assassin was identified as Mehdi Jakoby , a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard who was in charge of presidential security. Source: YALIBNAN

Yes, Iran (Shia) and Syria (Sunni) have some kind of union these days. They have no other friends in the area so their mutual cooperation has been a necessary one. GatewayPundit has the story of Wikipedia already reporting Assad’s death today, March 24, 2013. 

UPDATE 3-24-13 @ 11:51 pm: New York Daily News is asking questions.