Who Needs Revolution or Cloward-Piven? Green Initiatives “Harbingers” of State Capitalism?

Roger L. Simon, Pajamas Media

Roger L. Simon, Pajamas Media

Roger Simon at PJ Media has a spot-on column on Marxism, State Capitalism and One-Party Rule – all being one and the same. If the Obama agenda continues, and if the media continues to support the lies and ineptitude, “who needs a revolution or Cloward-Piven…, asks Simon. We might as well be living in a “true democratic republic” one that functions” and as such “rare” in “human history.” If you are cheering, sit down, shut up and consider suing your civics/government teacher. It’s short. Read it here.


Linked at Grumpy Opinions – take a look at Sleep Well America, While You Can.

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  • State capitalism is working so well here in Venezuela. Pffffft!

  • Richard Hensley

    Sit down, shut up and enjoy obummer’s trip to destruction of America. Sneaky bastard is he not or is it Valerie Jarrett’s dream child. Thanks for the post Maggie because I was not aware of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

    • Richard Hensley, do a search engine search for “Jim Simpson Cloward Piven” and you will find everything you need to know, and there’s a lot to know.