Watcher of Weasels Nominations – Sequester Blues Edition

Many thanks to the Watcher of Weasels Council tipping a hat to my article ‘Yes Drones Can See You and Your Weapon – Remember Rodney Brossart?’, along with three fine bloggers in whose company I am always thrilled to be. See all council submissions below and bookmark it for fine weekend reading to share with family and friends.

Sequester Blues

Sequester Blues


Sequester Blues Edition

Council Submissions

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Non-Council Submissions

Brilliant cartoon courtesy of Andertoons!

  • Richard Hensley

    Congratulations Maggie on your recognition for the timely post on wrongful use of drones. I read the original post and the update; both very informative. If I remember correctly, the story was mostly ignored by the media. The greatest form of flattery is to be honored by ones peers.

    • Richard Hensley – thank you for the kind words. They’re a great group of conservative bloggers and I’m always honored when they give me a nod. Oh yes, the media is not talking about drones. That would have only happened with GW.