UN Budget Gets Sidetracked by Drunk Diplomats

The U.S. exercises our massive power at the U.N. (you know, all that funding we send to that worthless body):

U.N. Drunk at Budget Meetings

U.N. Drunk at Budget Meetings

Pull-Out quote:

The U.S. is making “the modest proposal that the negotiating rooms should in future be an inebriation-free zone,” ~ U.S. Ambassador  to U.N.’s budget committee, Joseph M. Torsella

Read one story at Fox News (following is a snippet):

Ambassador Joseph M. Torsella, who represents the U.S. on the U.N.’s budget committee, said Monday that the tense process of negotiating the world body’s annual budget is made more complicated by the number of diplomats who turn up drunk.

The U.N. budget is finalized in December, when holiday parties apparently lead to some revelry spilling over into budget negotiations.

Do you know about the U.N.’s Group 77 – most of those showing up drunk?:

The sad state of Group 77 should be no surprise. Group 77 combines the worst of the UN and the Third World. It consists of most of the world, minus America, Europe, Australia, Israel, China, Russia, South Korea, New Zealand, Japan, etc.

To keep it simple, if a country is good for something, it’s probably not in Group 77. Even Mexico isn’t in Group 77. If a country’s delegates can be expected to get drunk and steal, they probably are in Group 77.

Joseph Torsella:

“I don’t believe people were saying ‘alright our negotiating strategy for next two weeks will be to drink,’ but it is rather a function of delegations seeking to avoiding any meaningful change in the negotiations and preserve the status quo.”

To which Front Page Mag replied:

I think Joe is giving Group 77 and the United Nations too much credit. When they want to avoid meaningful change, they just send it to a committee, cry discrimination, change the subject, blame Israel or steal all the staplers.

Drinking is something they do when there’s free booze around and no Islamic Morality Police.

One Western diplomat point to the African delegations, saying the drinking is “a social lubricant.”

Kofi Annan, paraphrased Winston Churchill:

“I could not live without Champagne; in victory I deserve it and defeat I need it,” to which he added, “I could not live without drinking wine.” Source

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot

The following photo is of champagne being served to a Libyan revolutionary in Tunisia, celebrating UN Resolution 1973 (creating a No Fly Zone). Is one of the men below a U.N. representative? I don’t know, but think of the billions we have sent to Libya. Who’s paying for the champagne?  If we did, or the Coalition did, the bottle looks like Veuve Clicquot (pictured above), not exactly budget bubbles:

Libyan Revolutionary served champagne

Libyan Revolutionary served champagne

U.N. diplomats drink authentic Champagne. You can bet the bank on it. Very serious question…who is buying the booze? How much is budgeted for “holiday” parties in December, largely a Christian holiday, and largely hated by a majority of U.N. countries? And how much courage does it take to make a “modest proposal” to powerful drunks? Graphic courtesy of 4Bars, minus the captions (and a good article on Champagne).