The Plan: 34000 MOST VIOLENT ILLEGALS Imprisoned by Law: 2000+ On The Streets

A week or so ago I posted that 34,000 illegals are routinely imprisoned and asked why a hard and fixed number. Arizona’s Pinal Country Sheriff Paul Babeau answers the question in the video below in an interview with Greta Van Susteren. Babeau tells Greta that he has tried to get answers to which illegal aliens have been released from his jails – who are they, what is their criminal history and where are they. He has been refused those answers. He was told 303 were released – “they lied about that,” it was 2000+ and another 3000 is scheduled for release (Babeau says all the attention on the releases halted the release of the 3000). So, here is the rest of the story about the 34000, and note that the point is that these ARE VIOLENT OFFENDERS:

Sheriff Paul Babeau, Pinal County Arizona

Sheriff Paul Babeau, Pinal County Arizona

These are the same people – we all  have different opinions about the 11 million+ illegals that are in our country and – all of us have agreed, including Janet Napolitano, President Obama, that we will target, identify, imprison the 34,000 most violent criminals of this 11 million. That’s this group. So now she [Napolitano] can’t have it both ways. ~ Paul Babeau

He doesn’t know who the released are, neither does the Governor, but both know these are undesirable persons to have on Arizona streets.

If you watch Greta with any regularity, you know she is all over Congress for not using their subpoena power, in this instance and many others. She points out that Babeau has been forced to go to Rep. Darrell Issa’s House Oversight Committee to get the names of the released, and it will take at least 30 days. Ridiculous. Why not subpoena and get the answers? Maybe because this Department of Justice doesn’t give a fig about subpoenas, but nevertheless, if it’s the most we can do, we should do the most we can do.

What happens when the 34,001 person is captured after committing a violent crime? Is one released to make room for him/her? They are all “violent,” and we’ve released one? Why isn’t he shipped to the farthest point in Mexico without a dime or a peso in his pocket?

The transcript above is just a small snippet of the full video. If the video disappears or does not play, view it here.


Greta Van Susteran and Sheriff Paul Babeau on Unknown Violent Illegals Released (video)

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  • I’m glad the White House has their priorities straight! Far better to keep those three calligraphers employed at the White House than spend that $300,000 keeping violent felons off the streets, or even make White House tours available to America’s school children!

    • proof, I believe that nothing is a “drop in the bucket.” If we are spending $20 that we shouldn’t be spending, it’s $20 too much and someone should lose their high-paying government job, a job that pays far more than the same position in the private sector. Over and over I hear that some wasteful spending isn’t enough to get jazzed about. I don’t care if wasteful spending still leaves entitlements a problem. They owe us the responsible use our tax dollars.

      • I’m with you. All the wormy politicians tell us that cancelling program A and program B won’t solve our budget crisis, but as Everett Dirksen used to say, “A million here, a million there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money.”

        White House calligraphers (x3) falls in that category for me. They have some awfully nice fonts for laser printers these days. If they absolutely need hand lettered cards, three hundred thousand dollars is too much to spend. I wonder what that works out to per hour for the time they actually spend writing?

        • proof, there’s an in-house print shop there. I can see calligraphy for State Dinners, nothing more.

          • For a hundred grand a year, I’ll scribble out anything they want!

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