Talk of Defunding ObamaCare Again: Oklahoma’s Jim Bridenstine Kansan Tim Huelskamp Leading Campaign

How the call for defunding ObamaCare was ever silenced is just one more mystery of this Republican House that has the power to accomplish so much by creating obstacles to irresponsible spending and even shut down some programs. While the Senate may not cooperate, major grief can be brought, and major stands of conviction can be taken. My new Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) is one of the Conservatives leading the way, along with Kansas Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp. Notice the words “appropriations process” below and ponder the significance of having ‘the power of the purse,” and actually using it.

Dear Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor:

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”) remains broadly unpopular across America. More and more Americans are now feeling its impact–from job losses and part-time downgrades, to insurance policy changes and violations of religious liberties, to state budget strains from Medicaid expansions. And Americans didn’t like these impacts. Most Americans still believe that healthcare should be controlled by patients and doctors, not by the government.

Therefore, we should re-start efforts to repeal ObamaCare in its entirety this year, next year, and until we are successful. However, in the meantime, there is more we can do in Congress.

Since much of the implementation of ObamaCare is a function of the discretionary appropriations process, and since most of the citizens we represent believe that ObamaCare should never go into effect, we urge you to affirmatively de-fund the implementation of ObamaCare in any relevant appropriations bill brought to the House floor in the 113th Congress, including any continuing appropriations bill. Please commit to not bring to the House Floor any legislation that provides or allows funds to implement ObamaCare through the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of the Treasury, or any other federal entity.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to working with you to restore patient-centered healthcare in America.

Letter signed by Bridenstine and Huelskamp

Any guesses on whether the letter will even receive a reply? Thanks to Breitbart.


  • House Republicans could stop a lot of the nonsense in Washington by using their constitutional power over the purse strings. Do you recall the last time that power was used, Maggie? The word “gutless” comes to my mind.

    • Jim at Asylum Watch, I CANNOT remember the last time. “Gutless” is appropriate as well as “Lawless.” They have abdicated their powers so many times when, if they could not have changed things in the long run, they could have gotten a strong message out to We the People and given courage to others in Congress that if taking a stand means you lose your chairmanship, etc., we will stand by you and we will not stop fighting unconstitutional behavior on Capitol Hill – AND WE WILL LET THE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!

  • John

    There seems to be a small trend to follow the law and not the wallet. Rand Paul gave some people hope by holding an old-fashion filibuster. There are other reps that are getting things done behind the scenes. Admirably, they are doing this without asking for mush TV coverage or recognition. I can’t say they are getting alot done due to liberals, but they are still fighting. It’s a scary time for Americans as we face tax hikes, indications of upcoming martial law, ObamaCare, and theft of our God-given Constitutional rights. We have to keep fighting, calling our reps, and letting our voices be heard. Never give up.

    • John, it’s very tough for conservatives to get anything done, because nothing will get through the Senate. I do appreciate their work behind the scenes but wish they would grab a microphone every chance they get and tell it like it is. I’d like to see eyebrows raised. America must hear it, and hear it often or our message will not get through and 2016 will be devastating.

      You’re right, we must keep up the tweets, emails, phone calls and faxes and give them courage to stand their ground. It’s very scary. We have a president who disdains the constitution, believes it is flawed and is a egregious racist.