Susan Rice for National Security Advisor – African Despots Rejoice

If Susan Rice can lie so convincingly about Benghazi, she’ll make a great National Security Advisor (NSA) replacing Thomas E. Donilon who persists as the front-runner for telling the Benghazi CIA to “stand-down.” No Senate confirmation necessary for NSA. New York Times Op-Ed recounted Rice’s disturbing fondness for African despots, whom she disagreed with on “democracy and human rights,” but…oh well, Islamic terrorists disagree with us on democracy and human rights too, so she can just look the other way. What a coup for Obama if he can pull this off.

Susan Rice

Susan Rice – Vogue

Last month, Rice marked her reentry onto the national political stage with an appearance on Comedy Central with Jon Stewart, a sympathetic host who denounced the malevolence of her Republican critics and urged her to respond with her trademark cussing. What would you say to them?� he asked. And feel free to talk like a sailor.

In December, just days after she withdrew her name from consideration for secretary of state, Rice made a showing at the U.N. Correspondents Association annual ball, where she assured U.N.-based reporters and diplomats she was not disappointed to be sticking around the United Nations for a while longer. There is no place in the world I’d rather be tonight, she said. The punch line appeared on a screen behind her: a picture of the State Department.

Rice made light of reporting highlighting her support for controversial African leaders, including Rwandan President Paul Kagame, whose government stands accused of backing a brutal insurgency in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo: I’m amazed by some of the work you do absolutely incredible. Some of you have been able to uncover things about me that I didn’t even know about myself. Seriously, even I didn’t know that I once lost a human-heart-eating contest to Idi Amin.

Rice, 48, has largely fallen below the media’s radar, but her standing within the Obama administration remains secure, according to White House officials and Democratic lawmakers. Her U.N. colleagues are betting she will ultimately serve as Obama national security adviser, probably sometime after the United States assumes the rotating presidency of the U.N. Security Council in July. Source: Washington Post

Who might replace Rice and what about Rwanda?

Want to avoid declaring that genocide is taking place in Rwanda? Go to Rice. Want to fudge the facts in Libya? Rice is there again…

…she may be succeeded at the U.N. by her former antagonist Samantha Power, who originally reported that Rice had worked to whitewash events in Rwanda. Unlike Rice, Power has traveled extensively in dangerous regions, combining the professions of journalist and activist.�Source

Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, apparently did end genocide and made Rwanda a pothole-free country (literally), but democracy is not on his list of accomplishments – no opposition party, no freedom of expression according to some:

…according to rights organizations and diplomats at the United Nations, Ms. Rice has been at the forefront of trying to shield the Rwandan government, and Mr. Kagame in particular, from international censure, even as several United Nations reports have laid the blame for the violence in Congo at Mr. Kagame’s door. Source: Daily Beast Dec 2012


In the past few years, several journalists have been arrested or killed, an exiled general survived a shooting in Johannesburg, and Scotland Yard warned two Rwandans living in Britain that “the Rwandan government poses an imminent threat to your life”. A�report this week by Amnesty International�identified a series of unlawful detentions and torture including electric shocks. Coincidence? Kagame’s government insists the incidents must be examined one by one. His critics join the dots and find a pattern that includes state-sponsored death squads. Source: Guardian October 2012


I received the news about the particular relations between US Ambassador Susan Rice to the UN and the Rwandan regime from a survivor of Paul Kagame’s crimes in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The source saw their parents and friends and others unknown to them being killed, disappearing, or being tortured from Kigali, passing through Goma, Tingi Tingi, Kinshasa, Brazzaville, Libreville, and back to Kigali in a miraculous journey during which they cannot recall how many died while they survived.

They managed to be rescued from the dead by the Red Cross in Kigali which packaged them out of Rwanda in a special delivery to a foreign country. The survivor witness is currently living outside Rwanda. The comment which accompanies the message they sent me says:

I find Susan Rice as much a culprit as Paul Kagame.�Source: Rising Continent Dec 2012

The New York Times op-ed (linked above in first paragraph) dated December 2012, at a time Rice was being considered for Secretary of State said if Obama is interested in “human rights and democracy” he should “nominate someone other than Susan Rice…” I have to ask, what does a National Security Advisor do for human rights and democracy in her own country? Under Obama?

The Washington Post, Dec 2012:

Her reputation in the Clinton administration was poor; her record on Africa was dreadful. She was needlessly antagonistic in rhetoric and proved to be her own worst advocate….

Even Hillary Clinton, whose husband’s administration found Rice mediocre at best, was rumored to prefer another pick…

Her undoing was her excessive eagerness to provide political cover to the president on a matter of grave national security. [Benghazi]

The National Security Advisor is the Assistant to the President for National Security – cozy for Ms. Rice as she is devoted to Obama, not so much to the country. With Islam on the rise in African nations, Ms. Rice will bring no security for Christians, and no fight to jihad, especially if she follows in the footsteps of Tom Donilon and chains the CIA. This administration is a disaster for our Nation.

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  • I suppose this should not be a shock. Each new appointment brings more despair.

    • Bunkerville, from foreign policy that she had no conviction for (except for the anti-American kind), she moves to intelligence and security. I despair also.

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  • Why not Rice? After all she has done her duty in covering up for Benghazi. I see Susan Powers as UN Ambassador to finish the job Obama is doing against our allies.

  • findalis, there is nothing in this administration that either you or I will agree with, for one good reason: we are not anti-American.

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  • It’s going to be four very long years. What will be left of this country?

    • Jim at Asylum Watch, if we count on intelligence under Susan Rice and her pandering, not much.